Chat About Marcus Thornton (plus a reminder about the comment policy)

Published: February 10, 2011

Today at 1pm ct Hornets247 will be hosting a Marcus Thornton themed chat. This is being done because lately the debate has been getting passionate, and we want to give you a means to express your feelings in a place that isn’t every single game on post and recap, regardless of how Marcus played.

After this chat is done it will go onto the forum where you are welcome to post as much as you want about MT5/Buckets/lil’ Buckets/Marcus Thornton.

That said, let’s take a quick look at the mission statement for Hornets247. Please pay particular attention to number three.

Mission Statement

We have three main goals here at Hornets247:

1. To spread news and information about the New Orleans Hornets

We want all Hornets’ fans, no matter where they may live, to get the latest and most accurate Hornets-related info as fast as possible. If someone has a question about the team, we want the correct answer available to them on Hornets247. If the information exists elsewhere online, we don’t hesitate to point our visitors in that direction.

2. To provide responsible and in-depth analysis of the New Orleans Hornets

We obsessively follow every move the team makes and share our thoughts frequently on the blog, aiming to deliver fresh and thought-provoking content. We have very high standards for the blog, and as such our writers must consistently prove themselves to be educated, responsible and passionate about the subject.

3. To facilitate mature and intelligent discussion about the New Orleans Hornets

Via the comment forms throughout the site, we give our users a platform to discuss pretty much everything that gets posted here on Hornets247. We expect each comment to add value to the discussion, and we moderate with that in mind. Through our Journals section, we give our registered users a prominent stage where they can write at length about Hornets-related topics and share their thoughts with a large audience. We hold our Journalists (see what we did there?) to high standards and moderate Journal posts accordingly.

Beyond those three things, we just try to have a little fun with all this and not take it too seriously. After all, we are talking about a bunch of grown men running around after a rubber ball. Or is it a leather ball? Hmm… you’d think we’d know that.

Lately the comments on some of the posts have been less than mature. The staff here is not your mommy, so we don’t have a desire to police you by deleting inappropriate comments and having to clarify what is OK and what isn’t. Very rarely have we had to do so in the past, and it would be great if you guys could keep things civil so we don’t have to in the future.


Now it’s chat time.


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