The Wolves beat the Hornets

Published: February 7, 2011

I could mouth the platitude that “sometimes you have nights like this”.  It’s true, the Wolves don’t shoot like that normally.  But does that make anyone feel better?  Not really.  The Hornets still lost to the freakin’ 11-win Timberwolves.  Again.  Sigh.

The Wolves hit the Hornets with a one-two punch, drilling their outside shots and taking advantage of the Hornets limited big men on the inside all game long.  The Hornets had their chances,  using turnovers to stay in the game, but they simply failed to hit shots.  Any sort of shots.  Open shots, floaters, contested layups, jumpers, mid-range shots.  It was equal opportunity misses.

You want to blame the refs?  I don’t.  The Hornets had five straight posessions down seven in the third – and generated an open shot on every one of them.  They produced zero points.   I’m talking wide open shots.  On three of them, no Minnesota player even ran at them.  Make your shots – then come talk to me about the refs giving you problems.

In the end, Monty tried everyone, and everyone was atrocious. 

Okay, Pavlovic and Paul weren’t atrocious.  I think Pavlovic was very solid defensively.  Once he figures out his spots on the floor on offense, he could be worth keeping around.

Jarrett Jack makes me weep.

I had some other observations early in the game, but I’m not really up to writing them right now.  I’ll hold them for the podcast.  Right now, I’m going to go murder some necromorphs and dream of better days when Okafor was around to at least make the paint moderately unpleasant.


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