We miss you Trevor.

Published: February 4, 2011

 When Ariza went out against the Thunder, I knew we were going to lose. He means so much to our defense and can make the clutch plays when needed. He always hustles and performs exceptionally well in the clutch. He never complains or whines and just Does his job. We <3 you Trevor and will miss you over our next stretch of games!!!!!!

 Here is a real of Trev highlights with the Hornets:


( I couldn’t embe the vids :(…. )

Who could forget this Dunk on JaVale Mcgee………


Thats right JaVale. You still have nightmares.


Once again, We will miss you man. You mean a lot to this team and have helped form the NBA’s best defense.   


                                                                                     big-EASY88 (Kerry)


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