Game On: Hornets at Suns

Published: January 30, 2011

Before we get to the game, Michael wanted to try something new on our Podcast this weekend and has talked me into it.  So we’re going to be taping the first part of the podcast while watching the fourth quarter of the game.  If you are recording the game and want to hear us talking through it, keep it on your DVR and listen along later.

Matchup: Hornets(31-17) @ Suns(21-24)

Off Efficiency: Hornets 103.2(16th), Suns 107.5(5th)
Def Efficiency: Hornets 98.9(3rd), Suns 108.7(27th)

The Hornets franchise-record 10-game winning streak came to an end last night in Sacramento, and tonight they get  to try and prevent what happened earlier this year – a great streak followed by a terrible one that had us all wanting half the team traded.

As much as it might be nice to assume the Hornets will get back to their winning ways, considering that the Hornets are only 12-12 on the road this season and add in the fact the Hornets played last night and the Suns didn’t, this may be a tall order.  In the podcast, of course, I predicted the Hornets would win their first two this week and lose both games this weekend, so if they do drop the game to Phoenix, be sure to riddle me with nasty complaints because clearly I caused this.

Phoenix is playing a little better recently, going 6-4 over the last ten, and beating Boston on Friday in a contentious game.  They are slowly figuring out how to use Marcin Gortat and suffering through the fact that Vince Carter is an empty jersey that contains an engaged mind in about one out of every five games.

As usual, a prime thing to worry about is Channing Frye.  West and Okafor will be reluctant to step out on him on the three point line, so if he’s hitting off the shots Nash creates, he could be Matt Bonner-esque in his ability to hurt us.   In addition, Jared Dudley remains a nice piece off the bench for the Suns, hitting his long shots and working hard, and Marcin Gortat is playing strong and should be starting games instead of the ineffective Robin Lopez.

That all said, this team has some gaps.  Goran Dragic, who is desperately over-rated after that one scoring explosion in last year’s playoffs, is ineffective, and although Warrick will probably drop a thunderous dunk on us at least once, he’s not been effective overall.  If the Hornets concentrate their efforts on harassing Vince physically to make him want to check out of the game, stay home on the shooters, and let West punish the sad defensive tandem of Frye-Warrick in the post, the Hornets should take the game.


Suns: None
Hornets: Gray is out

Enjoy the game!

Joe will be on the Daily Dime Chat throughout the game, so stop by if you have a minute and say hello!


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