Sometimes, a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Don’t you agree?

Pouting Popovich

I worry about Karma with this sort of gloating, but this image was priceless.

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    • hahahahahah that should be n°1 in the top10! Welcome to your kodak moment Greg Popovich 😛

      I’m so happy Monty bounced back, last game against the spurs he said he was outcoached. Tonight it’s his night, we talk about players but we should thank Monty because this win it’s all about HIM, the system he created and the mentality he brought back. Thanks Monty 😀

      • Definitely agree with that. They should serve as a model for how we should build our team, which I think Dell is trying to do. Though it’s not every year a franchise lucks into a once in a generation player like Duncan.

    • “New Orleans played fantastic defense—physical, physical, well-executed defense,” said Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, who spent much of the game grimacing with arms folded, but after smiled warmly and hugged his protege, Hornets rookie coach Monty Williams.“When you combine that with fine shooting, you’re in for a hell of a night. They were wonderful.”

      Karma is with Pop as well.

      The Spurs have always been a class act in the NBA, and their fans have always been respectful and insightful on this site. I truly enjoy this rivalry.

  1. I was so scared of this game. I thought sure at any minute the refs would start turning everything in favor of the Spurs. I kept saying to myself “please Hornets play very well, handle your business so the officials won’t have to decide this game”. And they did. Thank you Hornets!

  2. the (spurs blog) write up about this game included this : ” New Orleans, whose defense was anchored by Emeka Okafor’s interior presence (5 blocks), officially has everyone’s attention. Simply put, New Orleans’ team defense was easily the best San Antonio has seen all season ”

    good day to be a hornets fan

  3. I watched it, I love it and I’m gonna watch it again, this is fucking amazing, great D, Okafor 5 blocks, CP3 owned TP, Ariza 4 triples, Marco and DWest played awesome, we outrebounded the Spurs, the Spurs scored 72, hey guys, 72 POINTS ONLY…The BEEFENSE is awesome…GO NOLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Missed most of the game (had a rare night out instead), but caught the last 15 minutes or so. Couldn’t believe it when I saw the Hornets were up by 30 – I kept expecting the Spurs to chip away at the lead and come back. Just a fantastic 48 hours for the Bees…

  5. What a great game at the Hive last night. It felt like a game from the second half of the 2007-2008 season. The house was packed and the crowd was energized. The Bees played smothering defense, especially in the third quarter. It seemed like every possession SA was throwing up shots as the clock expired or Mek was rejecting shots in the lane. It was also nice to see Trevor get in the flow offensively in the third and knock down some threes. I love the intensity this team is playing with right now and can’t wait to see if we carry it over Monday night against OKC.

  6. i kept wondering why u guys kept talking about attendance benchmarks but now i see why. Via espn

    “The teams will not meet again this season. The season series finished tied 2-2. … Announced attendance was 18,023, meaning a crowd of 11,758 or larger on Monday night will void a clause in the team’s arena lease that would allow the club to move after this season.”

  7. I checked hollinger’s Power Rankings on ESPN yesterday and today, and after the atlanta game the Hornets jumped from 10th to 7th, and after last night’s game they jumped from 7th to 4th. Meanwhile, the loss dropped the Spurs from 1st to 5th!
    Unlike the man himself, his rankings are not biased against the Hornets. They are automatically generated by an algorithm which gives particular weight to point differential, so it makes sense that these games would have a big impact. Still!

    • The problem is that any ranking system that drops the by-far best-record team from 1st to 5th is fundamentally flawed.

      • I like Basketball-Reference’s “Simple Rating System” myself. It uses efficiency differential (points scored/100 possessions minus points allowed/100 possessions) and strength of schedule. Hornets moved from 9th to 7th after last night with an SRS of +3.84, Spurs remain 1st with an SRS of +7.41.

      • I generally agree with you. The only saving grace (and I may be misremembering this) is that his ranking system is intended to recognize who is playing the best right now. I think that’s why he weights recent stats higher than overall stats. Certainly the spurs body of work over the season is #1, though.

  8. Pop. We stopped Pop! Pop’s shots wouldn’t drop. Dad. Dad is sad. Dad’s team played bad! My team is glad. Oh what a game we had!

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