The Hornets beat the Washington Generals

Published: January 21, 2011

At times, that’s what it felt like.  Globetrotters v Generals.  I mean, what do you say about a 100-59(Box Score) drubbing that was essentially finished by halftime?  You can’t talk about the serious basketball because the game was over so quickly.  Even the back and forth first quarter was a little bit of fools gold for the Hawks as seven of their 17 points came on two long jumpers from Josh Smith and another from Jarron Collins.  You have to expect those were not the optimal shots the Hawks were looking for.

It was pretty ridiculous how bad the Hawks looked.   None of them seemed to care, and Jamal Crawford never passed once the ball hit his hands, shaking and baking to a sad 14 points on 13 shots as Willie Green, Belinelli and Paul had their turns forcing him into fadeaway jumpers.  The Hawks also got nothing from their point guards as Jeff Teague and Mike Bibby combined for 0-15 shooting, zero points and 4 assists.

The Hawks scrubs didn’t even seem to care much.  Damien Wilkins, he of the 10-day contract, played a little bit, but the rest weren’t really interested in trying to play for pride at all.  The result is numerous Hornets fast breaks that were 4 on 2 or 5 on 3.  They weren’t even beating Mbenga up the floor.

As for the Hornets, West got steamed and T’d up and then punished the Hawks for it.  Quincy Pondexter kicked off the game with 5 quick points, 2 assists,(one an oop to Okafor!) and a steal.  Just a great opening for the rookie.

Belinelli was making me giggle because he drilled a really deep three pointer and on the next position ran to the same spot on the floor, a good six feet behind the three point line, and then danced back on forth on the balls of his feet until Paul whipped the ball to him.  With no hesitation, he launched and hit it.  Ridiculous.

I saw the first two bad turnovers by West, but wow, I didn’t realize he had 6 turnovers in 29 minutes.  Usually that’s three full games of errors for him.  It was fun to hear him shout “Nice Boy! Nice!” when Paul did a slick in-and-out dribble to free himself up for an open layup.  He gave Okafor a loud “Nice!” too when he put down an alley-oop from Paul.

Anyways, it was nice to sit the starters in the fourth.  Keep ’em fresh for San Antonio, who had to play their whole game.  What was your favorite moment of the game?


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