Calling all Hornets Fans: Bee-Zanies Tryouts Coming up

Published: January 21, 2011

The Hornets are putting together a cheering section for their most hardcore fans, and tryouts are coming up. Awesome. Andrew Bogut did something like this in Milwaukee, and it went really well. I’ve thought it would be a great idea for a Hornets player to do, but it’s equally sweet that the franchise is doing it, if not more so.

Or is it? This has actually been tried before by an NBA team and it was a horrible, epic failure of the worst kind. The Detroit Pistons gave it a go earlier this season. They also planned to give away 50 tickets, but their plans were foiled when only 11 people showed up! That’s right. An NBA team tried to give away full season tickets in the lower bowl, and they couldn’t even give them away for free. That probably won’t be the case in New Orleans, but it’s worth noting that the team doesn’t have a ton of support, and those who do support it probably already have tickets. If you don’t have tickets, then this is a fantastic opportunity to get some for free, just for being an awesome fan.

What I can’t quite figure out is why they chose such an odd name. The Bee-Zanies? Really? First off, the public education around here is so bad that I’m guessing most kids don’t even know what Zany means. And on top of that, Bee-Zanies doesn’t flow off the tongue. Just try working it into a casual conversation. What are you, a Bee-Zany?

I think we can do better than that. How about the BEE-fenders or The Bee-Team. Or just call the whole thing Hornation.

Ok, so maybe I can’t do better. Can you?

Moving on, get on out there, do your best, and you just might wind up getting free tickets for the rest of the year in the lower bowl. If I didn’t have to stay sober and write about the games afterward, I would surely be trying out instead of just watching. Oh yeah, I’ll be at the tryouts to document your efforts. Make us proud

From the Hornets-

NEW ORLEANS – The New Orleans Hornets have teamed up with Budweiser and Zatarain’s to hold open auditions on Saturday, Jan. 29 from 2-5 p.m. at Harrah’s New Orleans Hotel for fans over the age of 21 who want to be a part of the Bee Zanies spirit group.  The Bee Zanies are a brand new cheering section the team will introduce that includes nearly 50 of the loudest, rowdiest and most creative Hornets fans.

“We’re looking for our die-hard fans who are willing to lead our crowd in chants and cheers and who will create an exciting, fun-filled atmosphere at the New Orleans Arena during home games,” said Hornets President Hugh Weber.  “This is such a great time to show your support for our team, and we are excited to add the Bee Zanies to the Hornets family at the Hive.”

Bee Zanies candidates must be 21 years or older (as of Saturday, Jan. 29, 2011) and will be given 30 seconds to display their Hornets passion and spirit in an open audition.  Candidates are encouraged to audition with their friends, spouses, significant others and other groups who share a love for the Hornets. All hopefuls should come prepared with creative Hornets costumes/outfits, player chants or cheers, signs, props and any other creative and unique methods to show how zanie they are for the Hornets.

Bee Zanies will receive an exclusive Bee Zanie T-shirt courtesy of Budweiser and Zatarain’s and a lower bowl ticket to sit in the Bee Zanies Zone at the top of section 117 for all Hornets games at the Hive.  (The Bee Zanies Zone is located in the corner above the visiting player tunnel and bench.)

For more information on the Bee Zanies auditions presented by Budweiser and Zatarain’s, please visit or e-mail


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