If Peja is signed…

Nothing formal here, just some dialogue between all of us here in the Hornets Nation. This is what I want to hear from you- pretend you are dell Demps or Monty. Peja comes to you and says money isn’t an object- all he wants is a clearly defined role and assurances that this team will go after a title THIS year because it might be his last.

1.)  What is the bench rotation? Let’s assume the starters get 175 of the 240 minutes. Where do the other 65 go? How many do I (Peja) get on average? Will I be on the court at the end of games? What is my role?

2.) Do you plan on making any moves to make this a title team WITHOUT effecting question #1? If so, what are they?

These are likely the two things Peja values as his time as an NBA player is coming to an end- he wants to be on a contender and he wants to be a valued part of that team. Is that possible here?

You tell me…

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  1. To answer your question, no.

    However, having been here earlier in the season you have to assume that Peja knows all of this, yet if Marc Stein is to be believed, he is still interested in coming back to the Hornets. Maybe he is more worried about convenience and comfort at this point than chasing a ring or even playing time. His family is still here. I am totally speculating, but I figured this point is is worth consideration. If Peja does want to return, he knows what he is getting into.

  2. 1. I think the Belinelli is going to get 28 minutes only so let’s say 168…

    Bench rotations –

    Jack – PG (13), SG only if playing well and everyone else is off (5)
    Thornton – SG (10), SF (5) will get 20+ if hot, will cut into Belinelli’s minutes like we saw last night.
    Green – SG (10)
    Peja – SF (8), PF (5)
    Pondexter – SF (5)
    Smith – PF (8) C (8)
    Gray – C (5)

    2. I would make a move to get someone to replace Pondexter (unless he improves)and Gray’s minutes. This would be another big man. Peja would no longer play PF but get 13 minutes at the SF position.

    And your final question:
    Valued on team – Yes
    Contender – Close, but no cigar. Next year is our year in my eye’s and unless Peja wants to stick it out one more year I can’t see us being a contender.

  3. I’m not completely sure yet. He knows and he’s proven that he can still be an important contributor on this team (17 points against Dallas). I would like to give Peja about 12-18 minutes a game, but in spurts of 4 or 5 minutes. This would give him rest, and keep the defense on their heels as well. We desperately need 3 point shooting.

  4. Yes. We take him. We are very weak with our three point shooting, and need a back up small forward pretty badly. Peja is a guy we can bring in towards the end of the game for big shots and veteran presence.

    To answer your questions, I need to answer question 2 first:

    2. Yes. If you sign, Peja, I will make a move. And since you will shore up my back up SF position, I can focus ALL my attention on finding a back up big man by using the expiring contracts of Marcus Banks, David Anderson, Aaron Gray, and Willie Green to find as good of a big man as I possibly could (Troy Murphy, Marcus Camby, Samuel Dalembert are some examples) so that I could make a more complete team.

    1. The squad will go as follows:






    Since Thornton and Pondextor are still developing, Monty will use a tightened rotation with the new squad, where the main 3 off the bench will be Jarrett Jack, YOU Peja, and Dalembert (or anyone else we can land). You can expect to play the minutes that Willie Green played, around 15-20 a game, and will be the first wing player off the bench for Marco and Ariza, and if we needed to go small, can also play alongside them both.

    Your veteran and shooting presence, and history with the team would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED here, as we try to make a serious title push this season, and for seasons to come.

    • I like it. I’d like to see Banks, Anderson, Green and even Gray traded for a productive big whether Stojakovic is signed or not.

      You listed Camby there, is that even possible? He’s a top 3 center. I wanted to see Murphy in Hornets uni since the earlier trade with Indiana. Dalembert would make a good back up too …

      If they sign Stojakovic, dump those contracts and sign one of those three, the Hornets could make a strong enough push in this seasons playoffs too look like contenders and then be able to sign a player next year that may actually make them contenders. (though signing Camby would make them contenders – or very very close, this year. IMO.)

      Plus you don’t have to move the family and New Orleans loves you.

      Anyway, I’m Demps, I’m making your pitch to Stojakovic.

      • Camby is below average offensively. So probably most don’t think he is top 3.

        However he is a rebounding monster, keeps his turnovers low and does everything else solidly above average at his position, including assists. (this is per 36 min)
        So I think he’s top 3.

      • Camby, i pass on the old men undergoing surgery. And we have a back up SF quincy is a beast

  5. This is too much for me to be decided. Our three point shooting straight sucks, no matter which SG or SF you name. Paul’s good but he only shoots those when he’s open, which is only a few a game, maybe. Also, I like to see Q-pon get out there, and MT5 needs to get some of these minutes after some promising performances like last night. At the same time, I don’t wanna see Peja go to Dallas, not because of Dallas as a team, but it hurts to watch Tyson succeed in the same division, and although he didn’t play to the contract he had here, almost nothing got me excited as much as watching a ball leave Peja’s hands when I went to those games. If he goes to a contender I hope he gets minutes I’d like to see him have a title ( unless we were to get it instead of him;] )

  6. Yes take him if for league vet minimum. We need a 3 point shooter on those nights when our offensive options are down to just CP3 and West. Unfortunately our wings are all inconsistent, so more options is not a bad thing. Give him as many of the backup SF minutes as he earns by being hot. If he is off, have him sit as my boy Stone Feet Stojakovic is a defensive liability against anyone with feet faster than Dirk No-move-ski. We all know that when healthy and his shot is dropping, he is worth having out there. Good thing with Peja is you know if he is off within 4 3pt attempts. If he makes 1, he will probably be on.

    I agree with Zilko that this would be the best option for making personnel moves a bit easier for a run this season. He fills the problem of our trade exception not really having any 3pt options that are not old and burdened with long/huge contracts available as targets. We NEED a consistent 3 pt threat just as bad as a consistent large big.

    As to his desire to play for us if he gets bought out. I would think he would. He has been in NOLA doing his rehab on his latest knee injury. He obviously loves the town. He is smart and experienced, and thus knows that playing off CP3 as a 3pt threat makes his life easier like only 3 or 4 other PG’s can.

    • Peja in New Orleans for rehabilitation?

      It’s has to be one of two things:

      1. Peja wants to rehabilitate from a bad injury in a city he loves.


      2. He hates being in Toronto, so he exaggerated an injury to come to New Orleans to be with his family.

      Personally, I hope it’s a little bit of both. There’s nothing like the thrill of waiting for his catapult release to heave the ball to the bottom of the net.

  7. Bad News Fans, this is from ESPN twitter:

    @STEIN_LINE_HQ Mavs have secured verbal commitment from Peja Stojakovic that he’s signing with Dallas once he clears waivers. Updated ESPN.com link on way.

  8. As far as the Hornets 3 point fg% sucking, they are currently ranked 18th in the league in 3ptfg at just about 35%. Just an FYI. I guess while it could be better, it could be worse too.

    • Being below average is not a good place to be, especially when you have a guy like CP3 that gives the most open of looks.

      The other number that would be relevant is what percent of that total percentage is CP3’s 46% floating that total percentage higher. It looks like he is 15% of that total. So not only is he floating your percentage, but he is not really a part of the discussion as he is the one initiating the offense.

      If you pull CP3 out of the 3pt equation, we would rank 28th in the league with a 32.8% rating. Just above OKC (WTF) and Toronto (that makes sense)

      • If you pulled out just about every teams best 3pt shooter they would rank less too though right? But yeah, I understand what you’re saying. 🙂

      • LOL, my main point was pulling out the PG who is not really the normal 3pt threat in a pure PG style team. For instance Boston is #3 in 3pt percentage. Rondo SUCKS from 3, yet they are still #3 because their “perimeter shooters” are very good at what they do. Ours are not, so our PG has to bump our teams shooting from a garbage 32% to a slightly below average 35%. It just points out how poor the shooting from our “shooters” really is.

  9. Stein reports that he’s heading to Dallas (via Twitter). Well, the speculation was fun while it lasted. First-round match up with Dallas would be pretty fun this year.

      • I’ve always hated Dallas. This only adds to it. Damnit though, I hope we don’t play them in the playoffs though. I can sooo picture Peja nailing a dagger to our hearts in game 7 against us. Then, Stefan, would we here… “Jebi Se!”.

  10. Boo. Maybe Peja floated the rumor to get Nola to pay more! Oh, who am I kidding? Would have been nice. From the beginning, it was supposed to be Thornton and Peja destroying 2nd units…the dream so close to returning is now again gone…sigh.

  11. It just hit me…

    Dallas is going to have the most Frankenstein’s Monster moving lineup in the history of the NBA when Peja and Dirk are on the court at the same time. That will be the time that any smart coach will change their lineup to a small/fast ball lineup. They will have to take Peja out in short order.

    • But then there’s Tyson in the paint to stop the penetration on the help rotation. Also, if you go small on Peja, he has shown he can effectively post-up short guards that try to cover him; plus, he can shoot over them easily. It’s not that easy. Dirk same thing +100. Also, Kidd would have a field day throwing lobs to TC over short dudes.

      • Have people not noticed that if he were healthy and useful then he’s be *playing* instead of being bought out and in rehab?

      • I think he is healthy Ron. I think he just didn’t want to be in Toronto, so he said he was “injured” to avoid actually getting hurt and being healthy to play when he gets bought out.

  12. Some sources say that Peja is already packing their bags and buying a one way ticket to Dallas. Destination: Mavericks.

  13. guess we’ll see him in the playoffs.

    apparently two aging Euro swing men = 1 caron butler . not quiet Cuban

  14. Peja is washed up, it’s not like he was a huge loss when the Hornets traded him away, don’t think brining him back would have any lasting impact on this team. A good fit under the radar would be Earl Barron, he’s a big that blocks shots and grabs rebounds, would be a nice addition to the bench, for cheap.

  15. If Peja signed w/Dallas and Alexis Ajinca was let go. Hornets could sign Alexis as a back up center and nikkowan’s trade stimulus package might actually come through.

  16. I GET IT NOW!! the mavs strategy was to sign all the former hornets that beat them in the playoffs 3 years ago. who’s next bonzi wells?

  17. He’s going to Dallas.

    I wouldnt take him back. Hornets can barely get Thornton minutes.

    I would use him as an expiring contract again but there is probably some rule against that.

  18. glad peja didnt make the same mistake twice and go to NO once again(first time 2006), although he cant possibly think hes gonna win a championship with the mavs.. stupid peja he can go to any contender he wants and he chooses the mavs.. at least he will hand NO some payback.

    • What are you even talking about? I don’t speak spineless nitwit.

      Anyone here speak spineless nitwit? JT? JT?!?! You here, good buddy?!?!

      Maybe a protocol droid . . . Sith construction . . . thank “The Maker” has a whole new meaning!

      Who’s YOUR daddy?

      Sith happens.

  19. Thank god we didn’t sign Peja, dudes washed up, played out and as injury prone as G.O. Plus hed still minutes from El Presidente Quincy who should be starting at shootin guard or at least 6th man

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