The 48 Hour Toxic Cleanse

Published: January 16, 2011

For those of you not familiar with the idea of a body cleanse, especially if you’re one of the people who have said in the past that “the salt water flush didn’t make me poop” – the philosophy is simple- our bodies are naturally in a state of good health, but we expose ourselves to toxins, pesticides, medical prescriptions, etc and that leaves our body less able to cope with diseases. A body cleanse resets our body and immune system, restoring it back to its natural state of health. The process involves nothing but exercise, a form of fasting that only allows you to eat very specific foods, and incorporating protein isolates for nutritional support. will be engaging in a 48 hour toxic cleanse and the toxic we will all be cleansing ourselves of is this Marcus Thornton debate. That will officially be the last time I mention his name for 48 hours. Mark it down. 6:07 CST. So we all have 48 hours to exercise our minds by discussing other issues and will only digest those subject matters. Feel the joy and the liberation! Return your mind back to its natural, positive state.

Monty’s Doghouse and Ziko- find an area where you have common ground. 42- enlighten us with some concept that only 1% of us have heard of and the other 99% shake their head at the reference, chuckle, and then move on. Nikkoewan- we need your optimism now more than ever. Gec- write us a journal, I can tell you have the skill. MaxALM- do the same.

You guys are all far too talented and bright to let this debate consume you. Return yourself to the state of bliss that is being a Hornets fan on Do it for me. Do it for yourself.

No more talk of the subject- any comment even mentioning the name of the Fallen Child will be deleted. We can do this together- as a community! I am getting excited just thinking about all we can accomplish now that this toxic has been removed. Let’s see what you got HornetsNation!


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