Will the Hornets REALLY make a deal?

Published: January 6, 2011

There are a lot of people within the league whom I know personally. Both players and coaches, staff, etc. Some of them I know from playing against them in highschool, some I know because I played with/against their kids on travel ball teams, and in highschool/college/leagues.


There is one person whom I’ve known for a VERY long time who works pretty high up in the Laker organization. I played basketball with his son since I was a kid. I promised this person MANY years ago that any information he gives me, can be talked about, but that he doesn’t want me to announce his name, or that he gave me any information. Especially if its something I’m posting online.


Since the Hornets are playing the Lakers tomorrow and I’ll be going to the game, I actually talked to this person just a little while ago (he knows I’m a die hard Hornet/Chris Paul fan as well), and he told me something that is VERY disappointing to hear. He told me that ever since the NBA purchased the Hornets, all has been quiet on the Hornets front…


Before the NBA bought the Hornets, he was hearing CONSTANT chatter of Dell Demps on the phone PUSHING HARD to make moves. To the point at which the league was chattering thinking not only were the Hornets 11-1, but that they were going to still make a BIG move to put themselves in SERIOUS contention for a title THIS season.


He flat out told me, the deal for Jack was not done to “acquire” Jarrett Jack. That deal was done because the organization was forced to “change it’s direction”.


He also told me that since the purchase, aside from asking about a few “VERY small potential deals”, Dell Demps has been extremely silent, and has backed off considerably when it came to making any big moves.


His exact words, “We all swore either Iggy or Melo would be in a Hornet uniform by now. Don’t think they’re going to be anymore.”


I’m speechless. Absolutely speechless.


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