A Friendly Reminder

I’ll keep this short and to the point.

Yes, we have lost 6 of our last 8 games. There are many frustrating issues that need to be fixed before we can consider the Hornets “contenders” of any type. 13-7 is not where we imagined being 20 games into the season after going 11-1. But the sky may not be falling as it seems. An important reminder: our best season in franchise history had a similar start. After going 9-2 in the first 11 games, we fell to 9-5. A few games later we were just 12-7, losing to teams like Indiana and Minnesota in the process.

But we came out with 56 wins at the end with a less talented roster and a conservative, if not stubborn, coach. The defense wasn’t as good as it is this year either (omitting the last game in San Antonio). We have completed 25% of the season with a winning record. Most “experts” didn’t hesitate to label us as a non-factor out West before opening night was even in sight. We’ll get through this slump. The offense will come. As long as our defense holds together, we’ll come close to that 56-win season if we don’t surpass it altogether. 

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