Ranting and more

Published: December 6, 2010

it’s 1:56 am in the Philippines. I just finished studying my notes, and i’m feeling unfulfilled. Usually, after a hard day’s studying, i feel fulfilled because i know i’ve accomplished something. But today, i can’t shake this feeling of hot boiling emotion which i don’t know how to put in words, hence the title. So bare with me if this journal seems to be a little ranting, but i think its the only way i can sleep today- by releasing all this stored emotion.. So……

to DJ Mbenga, for being that backup C who is athletic and nothing else. Yes you block shots here and there, but what else do you bring? you don’t rebound. you hustle sometimes, but nothing comes out of it. You can barely toss a ball, much less catch one. I hope you have a good life in the international scene, because i am hopeful, and this is as good as i can sound, that you will be cut from this team soon. 

to Green, for being that backup guard who can barely average a 1 AST/TO ratio. i understand you were brought here to carry the bench scoring. But don’t take it literally man. you’re shooting better than you have before, so thats a plus. But although you play the same amount of minutes here in NO as in PHI, you can’t even setup twice for 2 assists? and for the love of the Hornets, stop taking that falling away-with a hand in your face – 13,15 feet jumper you always do in the middle. It makes cringe everytime you throw that. Stop being JUST a scorer, try being a playmaker inclined towards being a scorer. There is a subtle, yet important difference. 

to Marcus Thornton, learn how to play D already! and learn to play within the framework of the offense. If you learn those 2, you’ll be good i promise. in less than a month, you’ll be our 6th man. those are big ifs however. there are times when you force the issue to the point where you give a turnover or throw a wild, contested shot. You are talented offensively, but only if you play within the offense. You scored 23 pts in a quarter just by playing off your team. Simple Marcus, play D, learn to play team O. PLS.

to Jack, get an IPad and study the plays on an IPad day and night. I know its different in game time and video work, but you need to perfect everything so that the times when you do get to practice with the team on a basketball court, there will be little need for instruction. I sympathize with your situation of playing on a team which used the same name for different plays in Toronto. But you’re a professional and you’re paid millions to work. WORK. 

to Marco, stop faking 99% of your open shots. IT DRIVES ME CRAZY. just shoot that damn ball. and when you do fake, make sure you make good use of it. If he jumps, lean in. if he doesn’t drive by him subtly. A fake will almost always leave a defender stunned for half a second. Since you fake often, use that half a second to your advantage. otherwise, IMO, good job on your team defense, excellent.

to Trevor, i don’t know what to say. You are shooting badly. I thought you’d shoot better if you weren’t creating shots for yourself, and shooting less. I was wrong. Well at least for the first 20 games. We need you to make your shots. It’s one of the 2 roles you have on offense: Shoot those damn 3s, and blitz the rim on fastbreaks and back cuts. You should ask Marcus, those were the only 2 things he did for us last year, and he was a joy to watch. You’ve been in the league 5 years i know, but if your really a winner, then you’ll listen to Marcus say – ” just run straight to the basket man, and always expect that pass.” You still have 62 games to prove all of us wrong. 

to DWest, where has all the bee-fense gone to? You were defending adequately at first, where is it? and grant my wish, when Monty calls a play for you in the post, call him out and say “maybe we should run a 1-4 High or a  Double 1 Screen for Chris on top”. You owe it to yourself, you owe it to us fans, you owe it to Chris. 

to Okafor, STOP GATHERING THE BALL BY PUTTING IT DOWN THEN GOING UP. SHEESH. you’re almost 255 lbs and you can’t go up with Power and Slam that freaking ball through the hoop?! 

to CP3, good job running the team. A little pep talk before games would be good to instill confidence in our team. they seem to be down right now.

to Monty, thank you for giving us a 13-7 start, a 20 game record we didn’t expect. but learn to adapt, just as your mentors are doing. Learn to adapt, its a coach’s bestfriend, learn how to befriend him!

to 247 and the fans, thank you for making me a part of this hornets community. Truly, a sight to behold. 

lastly, to the NBA. Screw you. Although you may have control over our franchise, you can’t take the hornets away from NOLA. Local fans, prove them wrong!


Thanks for reading, that is all. 


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