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David Stern’s press conference regarding sale

Published: December 6, 2010

I just listened in on the press conference and i thought id chime in with some things that were said. Basically the same things were said that we already knew but i felt some reassurance and hope in hearing David Stern say that he felt the best possible chance for the Hornets to stay in New Orleans was the purchase of them by the NBA. He said although Gary is being bought out he will remain close to them as an “advisor, valued season ticket holder, and possible future owner.” All worries that the team could become stagnant or just sitting in limbo till a possible move is made need not be feared as Stern said that during the negotiations for this sale 2 moves were made by the Hornets and when he was approached by Hugh Weber they reiterated the fact they had full faith in them to run the organization and make moves. He also insinuated that the sale of the Hornets to a future owner is not something that will be happening soon, it seems from what was said the NBA will remain in control for the rest of the year. Im sure millionaires arent rushing to own a team in the nba with the lockout right around the corner. 


*didnt check this for grammatical errors just trying to inform on some things said

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