Sonics Fans Make Me Throw Up a Little Bit in My Mouth

Published: December 4, 2010

Take a look at any comment section of any article related to the Hornets sale and what do you see?  Three hundred comments from Sonics fans about how the Hornets are moving there. They say New Orleans doesn’t have basketball history. They say we can’t support a team and point to the New Orleans Jazz as proof. They think what happened 30 years ago in the Superdome has any sort of bearing on what is going on today. They even go so far as to rip the actual city and people of New Orleans.

Remember those Sonics fans who ripped Stern on a personal level for letting their team move? Those guys who destroyed OKC (both the city and the residents) for even accepting the team? Yeah, well they are still around, but they’ve changed their tune.

They don’t care anymore about the moral high ground (if they ever did at all), or anything they said a few years ago. It’s like they forgot what it felt like to learn that there is trouble on the horizon for their favorite team. That or they don’t care about the feelings of others.

Actually, it’s worse than that. They have become downright spiteful toward cities that actually have a franchise. Like a mutinied captain clinging to a piece of driftwood, they are just floating aimlessly through the NBA waters in delusional hope of overtaking some other vessel and claiming power. They want revenge, but don’t seem to care who gets hurt in the process.

They have turned into what they once despised. Shame on you, Sonics fans. You know better.

Apologies to my good friend, Taggert, and any other Sonics fan who doesn’t trash New Orleans without regard for the feelings of those who have committed thousands of hours and dollars to their respective teams.


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