Published: November 27, 2010

So, I dont know if any of you have heard, but Toronto has stated that they will not be keeping Peja Stojakovic through the season. They WILL either use him as part of a future trade at the deadline, or they will buyout his contract. And they even said that since Peja was so generous in not using his trade kicker, they will give him as close to full buyout salary as possible if they buy him out.

That being said… How awesome would it be to re sign Peja after the deadline to make an end of the year run after we’ve finsihed making moves with what we have? I know Peja would have loved to stay in NO. And I think he could be DEADLY if he were to stay with the team and be the deadeye we could really use come playoffs.

One thing I know for sure is… we CAN’T let him sign onto a team like the Lakers, Spurs, Mavs, or Jazz. That would come back to bite us BIG time if he did, so if the opportunity presents itself, we HAVE to try and re sign him!

What do you all think?


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