New fan feeling

Published: November 21, 2010

I have been a Hornets fan for about five years now.  That is not an incredibly long period of time, but it’s been long enough to see a pretty wide range in the quality of Hornets teams.  I must say that the feeling of this team is pretty special.  Even though we looked horrible tonight against the Kings, I just had complete faith that we would pull this game out in the end, and sure enough they closed the game when it mattered.  Joe had a post a few weeks ago that referenced a similar feeling; he described it very well as the one Lakers fans probably have.  As I’m watching the games this season (at least the ones COX decides to let us watch) I feel like the Hornets are supposed to win every game, and I LOVE IT!  I know everyone is talking this team up and expecting great things but I just thought I would chime in and say that this season really does feel different as a fan.  I’ve only made it to the Hive once this season (vs Portland) but even the energy in the building seems representative of the overhaul in the organization.  Combine this feeling with the sale of the team to Gary Chouest and the new regime making all the right decisions, and I’m pretty hopeful.  Does anyone else think that the Hive is buzzing with particular intensity despite the poor turnout numbers?  Other thoughts?  Here’s to a record setting 57+ wins this season, GEAUX HORNETS!!

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