Demps knocks another one out of the Park

Published: November 20, 2010

In 1993, Ken Griffey, Jr. had a home run in 8 consecutive games. Since I consider the Jerrells trade with San Antonio a foul tip, Dell Demps is closing in on Griffey’s record. He hit another home run in his most recent trade on Saturday, as he got Jarrett Jack from the Toronto Raptors.

Yeah, other players were involved and I guess we can talk about them, but make no mistake, this trade was all about getting Jack to come in here and lock down the backup point guard spot. As for the trade as a whole, I wanted to save the entirity of my thoughts for our next Podcast, but when I see the national media being so short sighted, I feel it is my obligation to paint the whole picture so I will fill in what they are leaving out.

The biggest complaint from Hornets fans and media members so far has been that the Hornets traded away their best asset in Peja. But did they? No- this trade is essentially Jack for Bayless. Let me explain.

You take those two out of the deal and it is Peja for two expiring contracts- David Anderson and Marcus Banks. People don’t understand why Demps made this move so soon, but you will understand if you glance at your calander. The date is November 20th. By getting Banks and Anderson today, Demps can make them part of a multi-player trade before the deadline. If he had waited much longer, that would not have been an option.

So if Demps wants to go after Iggy in February, he still can if all they want is expirings. Toss them Anderson, Banks, and either Marco or Willie Green and the deal is done. Wanna go after Biendris or another big money big? Same thing.

Point is that nothing has changed except the Hornets have a backup point guard who is a much better fit, they have picked up another small trade exemption and they got below the luxury tax. That’s all. If Demps decides that he wants to make that “big move” it is still possible and having multiple small expiring contracts as opposed to one large one actually gives him more options.

A swing and a long, long, long fly ball. It is GONE!!! Demps has done it again!


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