Peja Stojakovic is the Greatest Small Forward on the Planet

Published: November 17, 2010

In my last game recap, I was a bit unfair to Peja, criticizing him for his defense and giving him faint praise for the fact he was dropping threes like they were layups.  So here’s my mea culpa.  Peja Stojakovic, according to the stats I love so much, is currently better than than Paul Pierce and Rudy Gay.  He’s better than Carmelo Anthony and Gerald Wallace.  Kevin Durant?  Pshaw.

Peja Stojakovic is currently leading Small Forwards in PER, producing a 25.93.  So forget all that trade talk.  I mean, last game  he became the most prolific Serbian Scorer in the NBA of all time, passing Vlade Divac for that honor.   Just get him the damn ball and get out of the way!

Am I right, or am I right?


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