With Lakers Loss, Hornets Are The NBA’s Only Undefeated Team

Published: November 12, 2010

When the Lakers lost in Denver on Thursday night, the Hornets took the distinction of being only undefeated NBA team for the first time in their history. I’m not sure, but considering their schedule and the uncertainty that surrounded them after a poor preseason, anyone who bet on this probably made out pretty well.

There was undoubtedly going to be talk this year of someone eclipsing the 72 games that Jordan’s Bulls won in 95-96, but the thought that the Hornets would be leading the way at any point was a pipe dream (my favorite kind) at best. Bravo, Hornets. Let’s hope the best is yet to come.

Here’s how everyone has fared so far (courtesy of 82games.com)-

A few other notes about the 7-0 start

  • The Hornets were 75-1 one long shots to win the championship before the season. Today they stand at 25-1.
  • Chris Paul started off the season as a 15-1 underdog to win MVP. Now he’s all the way down to 6-1.
  • The Bees are out-shooting their opponents 47.6% to 42.5% so far.
  • They are attempting 60% of their shots in the first 15 seconds of the shot clock (shooting 56% during that time). Their opponents take only half their shots that quickly (shooting only 46%).
  • 78% of all Hornets shots are jumpers (scoring 57.6 points per game), compared to only 69% for their opponents (42.9 points).
  • Hornets have committed 94 turnovers on the year. They have forced 108.
  • The Bees +7.9 point differential is good for fourth in the league.
  • Their 90.1 points allowed is number two overall.
  • Five Hornets are averaging 10+ points per game.
  • The only position the Hornets have been outperformed at so far this year has been small forward. Check it out-

And as long as you have Hornets on the mind, watch this-


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