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Game On: Hornets @ Milwaukee

Published: November 6, 2010

I’m a little worried about this game.  It is a classic letdown game.  It’s the second night of a back to back after a charged, emotional, and tough game against the Heat.  Add to that the fact the Hornets have already beat this team, and they may look past them and get caught.  You can’t look past any team in the NBA.

This preview isn’t long since Milwaukee hasn’t changed in the ten days since we last saw them.  There are some perceptions about the Bucks, however, that have changed.  Yes, they are still just as stingy on defense as they were last year, posting the 6th best defense in the league.  It’s their offense, however, that has struggled rather than improve like expected.  A lot of that blame is directed at Salmons, who was solid last year, but this team needs to share the blame.  Of the six players who take more than 5 shots per game, only one is averaging better than 1.2 points per shot.  To put that in perspective, 1.2 points per shot is below average for the league – so every one of the team’s primary offensive options other than Corey Maggette takes a lot of shots to get a few points.  The result is the 29th best offense.  Or maybe I should say the 2nd worst offense.

Oh and Brandon Jennings?  The much ballyhoo’ed up and coming point guard?  He’s still what we thought he is.  12.7 shots per game producing only 1.16 points per shot. 7 assists to 3 turnovers.  Even with solid defense, that’s not “franchise point guard.”  That’s Raymond Felton.

The Bucks beat Indiana by four last night,  so lets see if they can get a streak started, or if the Hornets own streak rolls on.

Enjoy the game!  Talk it up!


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