Priced out for Saints Games? Geaux Hornets Instead

Published: November 4, 2010

I was planning to attend a Saints game for the first time since I sold my season tickets a few years ago, but was flabbergasted at how poorly the prices of available tickets to the Saints compare to what the Hornets offer. So much in fact, that I completely abandoned the plan and instead decided to write this.

Let’s compare trying to attend one Saints game with your family to a Hornets game. For this we’ll assume that you and your significant other have twin 9 year old kids, a boy and a girl. Their names are unimportant, but they both start with the letter Z. I’m going to ignore food prices as well as parking costs, since I’m sure they are very similar for both venues.

Saints Game

Purchasing the four cheapest tickets available to watch the Saints play the Seahawks on 11/21 will cost 123 dollars a piece on StubHub. After delivery and service fees, this comes to 553 dollars for you and your three family members to sit so high up in the Dome that you won’t be able to see a single players face.

At halftime you get to enjoy a *high school marching band. Yay.

Hornets Game

I’ll go through three options here. First lets look at the bare minimum cost to get tickets against Cleveland on 11/19. For four seats together in section 310 in row 16, a family of four could attend for 50 dollars through the Hornets. For that price they would be closer to the action than in the Superdome, and have 500 extra dollars to throw around.

Let’s say you did have 550 dollars to spend on four tickets. What exactly would that get you from the Hornets? Well, you could get four seats in the lower bowl at the cost of 68.75 a piece if you buy through the team. The next pricing jump is fairly substantial and would exceed the cost of the cheapest Saints tickets.

Or if you want to spend an extra 200 dollars, you could get four 12-game ticket packages, so you and your family could enjoy a dozen Hornets games throughout the year. That’s a lot more action for only a small additional expenditure.

Also, the halftime show at the Arena will often leave you wondering if you stumbled into a production of Barnum and Bailey’s circus. Sometimes it’s that cool.

I get that the Saints are the big team in New Orleans, that they won the Superbowl, and that there are only 10-13 home games a year, but the price differences are so huge that I just wanted to throw it out there. Tell your friends that if they want to see the only undefeated team in New Orleans, the price is right.

*I actually love marching bands, but the halftime shows at the Arena are legitimately awesome sometimes. When choosing between a marching band and a man who could/should/maybe does call himself “The Human Pretzel”, you know where I stand. The only exception to this is during Mardi Gras, in which marching bands top my list of favorite things.


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