Marco Belinelli’s Dark Secret

Published: October 12, 2010

At least it was Marco’s dark secret back in his rookie year.  I’ll make sure Joe puts that season credential to use and finds out this season if it is still his bete noire.

Oh, what am I talking about?  Cookies, of course!  American cookies, actually.  From the archives of our fellow THN blog comes the following morsel:

He[Belinelli] was nicknamed “Cookie Monster” by his teammates because of his love for American cookies. The only thing is that this love made him gain 4 kilos – He’s now supposed to go easy on the cookies.

Four kilos.  I believe that’s european for 8,432 lbs.  Or maybe 8.8 lbs.  Whichever it is, that’s a lot of cookies.

Now I’m not sure I am condoning giving him that nickname.  Screaming “Coooookiieeeees!!” at the Arena doesn’t necessarily trip right off the tongue, or seem likely to get those around you to buy in very quickly.  It’s not like “Buckets!!” or “Fluffy!!” ya know?

Maybe “Monstah!!”?  Or is that too Boston Red Sox?

Oh, and if you want to watch a 5-minute video of Belinelli and a couple other Golden State NBA rookies failing to dance, visit the article the above quote came from over at

Hat tip to Henry Abbott, who put me on the trail.

Isn't he Cute?


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