Rumors: Amundson to Hornets

Published: September 9, 2010

According to Yahoo! Sports, reports from Newsday are claiming that Louis Amundson is headed to the Big Easy.  GWS and Indy are going to start focusing on Earl Barron because Amundson isn’t interested in them. 


Amundson would be a big boost for the hornets this season.  If the rumors are true and we do actually nab him, Amundson would take the backup pf role from Songalia which would help ease all of our minds.  not only that but we could then trade Songalia’s 4 mil in salary to get under the cap.  This would be one step forward for the hornets and already fill one of the requirements for “Best possible outcome” in Ryan’s post predicting hornets success.  


Heres the article:

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