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Published: September 1, 2010

I was in the middle of cobbling together a journal on what we needed to get better as a team, what was available, etc. and then we made the Ariza trade which it blew it out of the water.  No complaints about the trade, but my journal essentially got sent to Houston.  I hope Yao trips on it . . .

So rather than get all technical, I decided to do a 540, which is way more fun than a 180, and go in the opposite direction: total fluff.  We will start seriously, however.

The biggest fear Hornets fans (in NOLA) have is that the team is going to pack up and move.  Between the quasi-lack-of-ownership and Chris’ constant tea-and-crumpets with The Bron, there’s a sort of rancid anticipation that we are all feeling.  For instance, the majority of the posts over the past few days have been either acknowledging Marcus’ funk-dunk or wondering when Louis Amundson is going to sign with anyone, clinging to the shreds of greatness we were given last year and hoping to find some diamond in the rough out there.

This is a sad state of affairs.

There is not much we can do about this as fans except: love the team, express the love for the team, and spend money. 

Let’s focus on the second of these items: express love for the team.


What is it we do to express our love, besides spend money directly on the team by way of things like tickets and jerseys? 

I wear my jersey to just about every game. I organize friends and work people so that we can get more people going to the games than would otherwise.  I try to invite new folks and out-of-town folks to help get the word out.

And I blog a little. 

That’s not too much, really.  It’s a chore at certain times managing the tickets, especially when things are so uncertain, but overall I don’t too much.  I think it’s my fair share.


Do we have any game day rituals and traditions?

Sadly, I don’t.

We need some game day rituals.  We need traditions.  We need the Hornets to become a thing apart from the Arena in a way that jerseys and bumper sticker (and blogs . . . sadly) just don’t foster.

I’m not trying to do develop ideas here, rather I’m trying to see what other people are doing about it because I’ve certainly done very little on this front.


Do we have any `characters’?

There are a few folks in every sports town that become the face of the fans, like Moses and others are, or were, for the Saints. 

I know in my area there’s a very popular guy who is I’m sure is variously known, but is known to me in my heart as `Passionate Guy’. So, we’ve got at least one character. And to be clear: it isn’t me.  I’m not a character.

I know there’s another one in 110.  I hear that dude from time to time.


So, what do we have? And remember, this is supposed to be fun.  I ask that you try to keep the comments about the team and fans positive here.  Feel free to bash the journal or write a contrapuntal journal, however.  

Let the good times roll . . . .

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