Allen Iverson to the Bees?

I have to admit. The thought of Allen Iverson doesn’t make me cringe like it should. Having a proven vet that can provide a spark off the bench could be immense.

Think about it. Allen Iverson has always been able to penetrate the lane and we have 2 spot-up shooters coming off the bench this year. His toughness is pretty much un-questioned, much less reckless a lot of the time. If we can limit him to 10-15 minutes a night and keep him fresh, he could be instant offense off the bench (a better Jannero Pargo). His defense could prove to be somewhat of a liability but any old fart PG we sign in free agency will be a liability at this point.

Which brings us to the big detriment. Iverson has to be willing to play 10-15 minutes a game and come off the bench. Truth be told, I would rather have Iverson bolstering the bench than McGrady.

If AI is on board, I’m on board. This would be a big signing for us to get him as a backup PG. It would create buzz within the Hornets community and probably sell more tickets.

Imagine AI and Amundson…

Depth Chart


SG – Thornton/Bellinelli/Q-Pon

SF – Ariza/Peja

PF – West/Brackins/Amundson

Center – Okafor/Gray/Amundson

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