Keeping Chris

After seeing the Celtics transform their team in 2008 and winning it all, then witnessing the slop show that was 2010 Free Agency, I truly think the Hornets can build a championship contending team before Chris Paul’s contract is over. We have seen a franchise change in a day, why cant it change in 2 years, if that. We have alot of solid players, expiring contracts and tradable assets. I think Julian Wright’s time with the Hornets is over and alot teams would be intersted in bringing in his young talent. If Okafor doesnt perform in the first half of this season, we could trade him if someone would be willing to take on his contract. Peja’s expiring contract will bring alot of money off the books and free up cap. David West has defined consistent over the past few years, but being consistently slow on defense and hesistant on his offense game isnt always a good thing. He mite opt out his contract at the end of the year and i think any team would be willing to take his talent and expiring contract. Then we have Collison, who i think is the best backup PG in the NBA, and could be one of the best starters in the NBA. He averaged 19ppg and 9assts as a starter in 37 games, only Chris Paul and Derron Williams put up numbers like that. If we keep him that would be great, but it may be a wast to keep a great point guard for 10-15 minutes a game. We can trade him and get some good talent in exchange. 

Thorton is a stud and we just need to find someone to spell him for 10-15 minutes a game. I think Pondexter will end up starting over Peja and deservingly so. He is a monster on defense and brings everything that Peja cannot: Hustle, Rebounding, Defense, Attacking. I also think Posey can fill in a little, but he doesnt bring much to the team. We also have trade bate in Songaila, i liked what he brought at times, but he was terrible on D and we need more athletic people in our frontcourt. I think Brackins hat potential but he needs to get more physical. He has a great body and is very athletic, but he likes to shoot jump shots way too much. I think Okafor is solid but needs to be more consistent, and Aaron Gray can be a very servicable backup if he stays in shape. 


So to wrap this all up I think we have a shot at this and keeping Chris Paul happy. We have a whole new brain trust and philosophy and I think they are going to lead this franchise in the winning direction.

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