Bosh for Paul??? Nice twist!

I don’t know how many of you guys check out The Basketball Jones, but they had an interesting article that they posted last week.  I am just catching up with all the happenings as I was busy with a work trip that did not afford me the time for my daily Hornets crack-out.  Within the twists and turns that was the LBJ in Vegas ESPN article scandle, I never saw anything said about Paul.  Knowing from “The Twitters” that Paul and CJ were there with him on that night, I found it funny that this “reporter” who was obviously looking to make a name for himself in a shady way, would not have put a Chris Paul angle on this story.  I mean, Chris Paul is ESPN’s go-to story now that the free agent frenzy has been decided.  So why not at least a passing swipe at Chris Paul being up Lebron’s butt a whole night and how that must mean something “REALLY IMPORTANT?” 

TBJ, however, pointed out that it was a subject touched on in the article that was pulled from within the hour of it’s posting.  As I am sure not very many of you guys and gals cared to dig to find the article that was pulled about Lebron James, I thought this link would be interesting.  The Jones has an interesting take on it, that does kind of make sense in this new clandestine LRMR world we find ourselves in today.  Is it so far fetched to think that they lured Bosh into the fold, just to use him as trade fodder next season? 

Maybe not… Think about it, they get to dump one of the three “old CBA” big money contracts right after signing it, and they get in it’s place a guy who has said repeatedly that “money” is not his priority.  So when the heat would get to re-sign him it would be under the “new CBA” scheme which should mean a max guy like Paul would cost considerably less than Bosh, and Lebron and Wade would be happy as they have their dream third.

Does it seem likely that this was the case?  I doubt it, but I will let you guys decide for yourself?

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