What Demps Should Do Now

Published: July 27, 2010

So the Demps has a plan to make this team a contender. sounds good to me. but im not really sure what he has in mind…

Heres what i would do if i were him:



DC + Okafor + Peja for Granger + Dauhntay Jones + Hibbert + TJ Ford


With this trade we would get a very solid starting center in Hibbert. Not only that but we would aquire Jones to give us a great defensive 2 who can shoot. Then of course we would get Granger who would take all of Peja’s minutes and produce at All-Star levels. last but not least we take TJ Fords expiring to just sweetin the trade for the Pacers because were essentially giving them a larger expiring in peja. TJ would also be a solid back up PG.  Everyone would be happy with this trade i do believe, especially CP3. it would make 3 of our four spots more skilled and much bigger. 

The next step would then be to trade Wright and Songalia for Gortat and Orton straight up. the salaries work out perfectly and the only question is whether or not we want to take on Gortats 4 years.  this would however give us a strong skilled front court.  We would also need Brackins/Ike (if we resign) to produce well in the 15-20 mins a game they get.  Orlando would bite on this because Dwight never gets hurt and they need to lose some salary. JuJu and Songalia are both expiring while Gortat has 4 years.  Orton is just a throw in to make the salaries match so if his attitude sucks we could just bench him and never let him play. but if he starts producing he could see minutes.


Here would be our new lineup for the year:


PG – CP3, TJ Ford

SG – Buckets, Jones

SF – Granger, Q-Pon, Posey

PF – West, Brackins/Diogu

C – Hibbert, Gortat

Bench: Orton, Gray, Diogu, FA Guard.


I think this would be a KILLER lineup that could push for first in the west. Our offense would dominate with Granger, CP3, Buckets, and West. while our defense would flourish with Jones, Posey, Hibbert, Q-Pon, and Gortat.  we would have the size, skill and hustle to win a title.



If u have any better ideas post them please. 🙂

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