2010-2011 Front Office Moves

We all have hopes and expectations on what we would like our new front office to do with our current roster. Here are three deals that I would like to see happening as soon as possible while keeping reality in mind:

Deal 1: Improve the SF Position (while getting a defender at SG)

Hornets acquire Danny Granger & Dahntay Jones from the Indiana Pacers in exchange for Emeka Okafor & Darren Collison

Deal 2: Find a new starting Center

Hornets acquire A Varejao from the Cleveland Cavaliers for Darius Songaila & Julian Wright


Hornets acquire A Biedrins for Darius Songaila & Julian Wright — Option 2: Hornets acquire A Biedrins & B Wright for Peja Stojakovic

Really, we just need a serviceable starting Center for expiring contracts.

Deal 3: Find a backup PG now that Collison is most likely gone at this point.

I don’t have any specific deal in mind right now that I would like done immediately, but if the first two trades go though, this one is a necessity. Chris would be stuck without a backup at this point. We would need someone to run the show effectively, rather than getting a scoring PG. We could even look into FA for a cheap player at this point.

If we can get all three done, our roster would be something like this:

C Paul / New Backup PG

D Jones / M Thornton 

D Granger / Pondexter / J Posey

D West / J Posey / Brackins

Biedrins or Varejao / A Gray / Marks? (We should sign 3rd center for safety)

I think we are capable of achieving this roster (or something similar) very soon, and this roster could without a doubt compete for the title. Chris Paul would be happy, and we could slowly tweak it in Chris’s final two years to make sure this is a real powerhouse team by the time he has the option to opt out. With the new CBA, we would have the most money to offer him and probably the best team too. Our hero will definitely stay, and a title will be closer than ever in the city of New Orleans.


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