It Might Have Happened

Published: July 25, 2010

This is kinda going off the latest journal that TopherPrice wrote. So stay with the theme here. This is set on Tuesday the day before the massive break out of Chris Paul’s requested trade rumors. Its a conversation between Chris Paul and his agent Leon Rose from LeBron’s famous LRMR group.

D-Wade: Nice Shot CP [as the two practice together in Vegas]

CP: Yea I’ve been really getting this shot up to scratch for the new…[interupted by official looking man in a black suit]

Strange Guy: Chris can you come over here buddy, I have a message from LRMR that you will probably want to here. [CP drops b-ball and walks over]

CP: Yea and what is this message?

Guy: Oh I have no idea but it is important so we have a special satellite feed inside our private helicopter waiting for you. So I would hurry, you shouldn’t keep LRMR waiting.

CP: Wow! [as he approaches the chopper that is convientantly parked in the gyms car park] (one of those bus length ones by the way)

Leon Rose: Hello Chris, It is nice to see you again. [as a strange electronic voice and image comes from the 90 inch TV inside the dark chopper]

CP: Hey there my new agent. What did you need me for?

Rose: Chris, time is money so i’ll just get down to it. It has come to our attention that you want to win championships, correct?

CP: Yes thats right.

Rose: But you also want to do it in New Orleans?

CP: Yea I sure do, and I have stated that I want the Hornets front office to be active in the free agency this year to do that. But so far they havn’t done anything thats going to improve the team this year. I have said that I was welcome to a trade if the team wasn’t dedicated to winning a championship and it looks like they havn’t taken that warning seriously.

Rose: So if you want your team to start winning by improvments made by the front office. Then we have a little scheme to make them realise the urgency in which they have to do it.

CP: Sounds good but there really isn’t anything I can do to make me sound more serious. Maybe I will have to move in two years.

Rose: Okay Chris. I’ll lay out the plan we have for you. We can just simply get our guys that are sources for NBA analyst’s to spread a rumor that you are requesting a trade out of New Orleans. It works perfectly because you are never aloud to say it publicly so it never has to come from your mouth. We will just roll off of this bulls%$t coming from New York about how you supposdly said at Melo’s wedding that you want to form your own big three. 

CP: yea I don’t know where that cam from, but can you do that?

Rose: We are LRMR, so yes we can do it. As it breaks out the New Orleans front office will start to realise how valuable you are and hopefully start making some serious moves. It shouldn’t be to long before they start doing what will make you happy which is of coarse, making a championship roster.

CP: I just don’t see how you can make the whole NBA think that I truely want to leave Nola if I don’t. I’m sure other teams management won’t believe this.

Rose: Haha Chris, If we made teams like Chicago and New York think that they had a chance at landing LeBron James then we can certainly make the NBA think that you are ready for a move.

CP: uhhhh I don’t know. Wont this damage my ‘good guy’ rep.

Rose: Absolutely not. If you are never confirmed to say it and never end up leaving then it will just pass as an untrue rumor, which is what it is. Just keep twittering away like nothing has happend.

CP: There is one problem though. Only a couple of days ago I said in an interview that I was happy with the changes the Hornets have made in management this off-season. Wont I look like a hypocrite?

Rose: We at LRMR know well enough that people quickly forget about recent comments when a rumor like this breaks out.

CP: Well this certainly sounds like a strong plan to make the Hornets a little more competitive in management but do you think they will trade me if this gets really big.

Rose: Oh it will get big, but they wont trade you because you are to valuable. So when you talk to them in a few weeks or so just say that you are serious about leaving but will entertain their idea for the season. This should finally jolt them to make some serious moves.

CP: Ok I’ll go along with it. This is why I hired you guys to be my new agents. You get stuff like this done.

Rose: You certainly made the right choice Chris. Anyway I have to get going so i’ll talk to you in a few days from now. Get back to trainging with Dwyane. I dont want him asking to many questions about our involvment in LeBron’s decision. Goodbye.

CP: Ok i’ll cya. [walks out of the chopper and back into the gym, chopper flies off]

D-Wade: Hey again man, what was that all about? 

CP: Ow nothing.

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