4 Things Not Being Talked About Through All of This

Short and to the Point

1) Everyone wants to discuss how we will have the cap space to sign a max contract player next year but no one has mentioned that we will owe Marcus Thornton a ton of money if he continues to develop this season as he did last year. A 20+ ppg average could end up costing the Hornets 8m+ and let’s just say that I think Marcus is very capable of averaging 20 a game.

2) The “leaks” are more than likely Lebron’s flunkies that CP3 just signed with.

3) If all of this is true, the reason that CP3 is more than likely trying to leave now is so that he can make big $$ with his new team instead of the Hornets having the above and beyond best compensation package available to him monetarily. It all really comes down to the terms of the new CBA.

4) If we do just so happen to try to trade CP3, the best candidate we have of the teams he mentioned just so happens to be Monty Williams previous stomping grounds. This past relationship could very well end up proving beneficial for us and them if it comes down to it.

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