I’m taking value. (New York Knicks)

The Chris Paul rumors are shooting up like wildfire right now and it’s just not looking good. Supposedly we have the destinations set up where Paul wants to go. In my opinion, if I’m the Hornets, I’m not selling Paul for a bag of chips. I don’t care how bad he wants out (I’m still not fully convinced he does). I’m not taking an expiring contract for Paul. You want the best point guard in the game? Then enjoy taking on James Posey in this deal. This journal is trades I’m demanding if I’m the organization to make this work. In this journal, all deals will indeed involve Chris Paul and James Posey. And I’m only looking at the alleged “Chris Paul shortlist” for where to trade him. This is without draft picks. Trades will be checked with ESPN’s Trade Machine.


–New York Knicks

The Knicks are the supposed destination of choice. If the organization decides to deal him, I’d prefer him go to the East anyway. Once again, I want some bang for my buck.

Chris Paul and James Posey for Eddy Curry, Danilo Gallinari, Anthony Randolph, and Toney Douglas.

If he goes to New York, we will be getting Curry because of his contract. The other pieces allow some potential for the squad, which if Paul is dealt is needed. Gallinari started to show what he can do last season and can be a wing for this team. Anthony Randolph just screams POTENTIAL everytime I look at him on the court. Toney Douglas was in last year’s rookie class. He’s a combo guard that can allow Collison to stay fresh, same with Thorton.

Post Trade Lineup:






Now, there are 14 guys listed. I let Songaila and Julian be the Adam Morrison’s of this squad that get paid to ride our bench. Call me crazy, but I could see this team get a low playoff seed. You still get the contracts off the books at the end of the year and can do something special in Free Agency. Not only does Peja come off, but Eddy Curry does too coming in at over 11 million. The Hornets open up the floodgates financially and things could get really fun in New Orleans.

Give me your thoughts for New York. Who are you asking for? What are you doing with this team if Chris Paul demands a trade in a week. If New York won’t deal Randolph, I’ll take Turiaf but I’d prefer Randolph. I’d be “fine” with this deal as I posted. The potential of Galo and Randolph. The youthful backup in Douglas that I think is a nice player, along with Curry’s expiring would please me for a deal.

You want Chris Paul? Be prepared to give up something nice. Tomorrow I’ll look at the Orlando Magic. Thanks for reading.

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