Who is Dell Demps?

Published: July 20, 2010

[Update:  It appears he’s the Hornets new GM, that’s who.]

Most major news outlets are reporting that Dell Demps is the frontrunner for the Hornets vacant General Manager job.  But, you may ask, who is Dell Demps?  Honestly, I’d never heard of him either, but apparently the Suns and Hornets are competing for his services.

Dell Demps is a former undrafted NBA guard who played 3 seasons in the league.  I used the term “played” loosely, since he hit the floor for a total of 18 games and 108 minutes in his three seasons with the Warriors, Spurs and Magic.  During his summers, in between playing in the NBA, he earned an MBA from University of the Pacific in California.

Outside of that, there isn’t a lot publically known about him.  From Tim Varner of 48 Minutes of Hell, the THN blog that covers the Spurs:

He’s the Spurs’ 4th in command–Pop, Buford, Lindsey, Demps–who is titled Director of Player Personnel. He runs their D-League program and summer league operations. The Spurs speak highly of him. The Toros have been wild success. 
That’s his story. Maybe his biggest strength is that he shares office space near Pop and Buford.

Well, it definitely can’t hurt to be part of the Spurs organization, that’s for sure, even if it is your claim to fame.

Update:  Here’s a mini-bio from the University of the Pacific on Demps for some sort of Alumni Project.

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