You will be missed Jeff.

Published: July 15, 2010

First of all, hi everyone and let me tell you that I have been following this site for quite a long time now and dont have anything to say to all the people here but congratulations and keep the awesome job you have all been doing.

As this is my fisrt journal i will make a little introduction of who I am so that you can understand how i feel about the Hornets.

Im a 31 y.o. fan from Cordoba, Argentina that has been following the hornets since maybe 90 or 91, cant tell for sure. It all started when a good friend bought me a cap. Ohh, so you are a big fan cause you have a cap some will say… wait, it all started there. Then i saw a Spanish NBA magazine that Muggsy was on the cover and i said ” ohh, thats the team i have the cap, lets check it out”. Soon i was following the hornets in every way possibe, started waking up really early just to catch Sportcenter to see the results. Remember a shitty channel, Bloomberg, that had all kind of stock market information that eventually showed Sports results, and watched as many games as i could. ( Internet was not so global back then and games and info was hard to get)

I remember i said one day i was travelling to Charlotte to see my Hornets and i did that in season fanale 2001 againt the Alonzo Heat. Usually game 82 means nothing, but that game clinched us as 4th or gave Pat Riley win 900th, so it was pretty fun and it was good to get the win ( Sadly a 1st rnd exit against the 76ers). Nowadays i have like 5 Hornets jerseys, lotta caps, thousands of NBA magazines and watch around 60 games a year ( maybe more). Ok, now u can tell if im a fan or not.

I love all the “Lets play GM” journal and allways thought of placing mine, but after Jeff Bower departure ( or lets say kick in tha ass he got) i changed my Journal to a JB related one. I cant understand why people that post at times picayune was allways trashing Jeff. And that really got into me. I really liked his job with us, of course he had some mistakes and i can assure u we all have. Yes, he had some bad contracts, but we had to overpay to bring people to our team. Yes he had some draft burst, but when u draft on potencial you can allways miss. Yes he couldnt make a championship team, but we cant spend 100M like Lakers or Knicks. Yes he had a 34-39 record coaching the guys he selected, but he had no CP3 most of the time. That guy spent 14 years in the organization in a business that have no loyalty anymore ( saving few exceptions) and one of the values that is most important to me is that, loyalty. Thats what got me, people forget about everything he has done for us, and now CP says its win or gone and $%$%&$ Webber finally slaps him and “mutually” part ways with him. I love the Top 5 JB moments and i think there could be even more. Its time for fans to put the respect where its deserved and I think JB really deserves it for his long tenure here. I wont play GM here cause i would love JB to keep doing it. Next GM here will understand how hard it is when you dont have the budget to play.

One thing im sure is that next year we are going to be among the west best ( baring injuries) and we all have to remember that this team was set up by that fat, short, bald, no athletic, moustached guy. He set up this team that i think is on the verge of something great and would have love to see his magic next year after Peja big fat check clears. Sadly its too late, but he set this team on the verge of greatness. 

GOOD BYE JEFF, YOU WILL BE MISSED. ( at least by me)


BTW, im in no way a guy who likes writing and spanish is my mother tonge, so sorry if the format of this is not accurate, but its hard to me to write even in spanish, lol. Im a numbers guy. =P 

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