Determining a Rival for the Hornets

Published: July 9, 2010

According to Wikipedia, which obviously is the end-all source on everything, the Hornets don’t have a rival. That makes me remarkably sad considering the deep seeded mild anger that I feel toward opposing ball clubs. If we don’t have a rival, how will anyone know which games matter most at the beginning of the season? Sure every game matters, but there is something to be said for manufacturing drama, especially on a sports blog.

Since the dawn of sports, long term rivalries have existed for a number of reasons, including…

  • The two teams that are competing have fan bases that are in close geographical proximity to one another, often leading for fans to root for one or the other.
  • The teams are thrust into competing in crucial games year after year in which only one can prevail
  • Both teams have an excellent player whose accomplishments for whatever reason are always compared to those of another team’s excellent player.
  • They are a great marketing tool for teams (after they have completed the process of email verification) to entice fans to come to the arena, even if a season isn’t going quite as planned.
  • The media needs stuff to write about, and the fans want a reason to care more.

Frankly I don’t want to start a discussion about who Hornets fans like the least, but that’s exactly what needs to happen to determine a rival. Lot’s of teams have angered the Bees over the years, and it’s time fans let them know exactly how they feel.

Also, think of all the cool paraphernalia that can be made as a result. For example, wouldn’t it by nice to see a bumper sticker of a Hornet urinating on Grizzly Bear once in a while?

Well I sure think so. Anyway, to begin narrowing it down let’s get rid of all Eastern Conference teams.

Then let’s take away teams that have been so successful that the Hornets just can’t compete historically (Lakers, Spurs)

And then get rid of teams that New Orleans just obviously doesn’t have a rivalry with (Clippers , Minnesota, Golden State, Sacramento, Phoenix)

That leaves the Nuggets, Jazz, Trailblazers, Rockets, Mavs, Grizzlies, and Thunder. Let’s try to determine which one fits best.

Team Pros Hornets record vs
  • That series which must not be spoken of makes them easilly detestable
  • JR Smith
  • The ghost of Dhantay Jones
  • Deron Williams is an obvious rival for CP3
  • They stole the Jazz from New Orleans, and have not answered my emails requesting that they promptly return it.
  • Have never won a title, so whoever wins it first can hold it over the other team’s head indefinitely
  • Are openly trying to snag CP3, and have been for years
  • Yao Ming is very tall, which scares me since the Hornets are very short overall
  • Closest geographical proximity to New Orleans
  • New Orleans whooped them in 2008 and there was obviously some bad blood in the playoffs
  • D-West vs. Nowitzki
  • Marc Cuban is annoying/incredibly entertaining and it sure would be fun to have his anger directed at us
  • Close proximity to New Orleans
  • Similar history of not winning
  • Should be a pretty good team for a few years, just like New Orleans
  • I’m fairly sure that a swarm of Hornets could take down a bear
  • Tried to steal the Hornets after Katrina
  • Used to be the Sonics (and who didn’t like the Sonics when The Glove was playing?)
  • They don’t have a natural rival whatsoever due to their relocation and new name
  • They think they are all hot and stuff just because they made the playoffs and have an average age of 16 years five months.
  • The fans in Seattle have already created endless trash talk about Clay Bennet. The work is practically done for us.
  • They stole the Hornets title of hot upcoming team and jealousy is a perfectly good reason for rivalry

(5-2 since the death of Seattle basketball)

Personally I’m pinpointing OKC as a team in which the Hornets could really go to war with in the future. Who do you consider to be the teams main rival(s)?

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