5 Reasons Why Melo will Be A Hornet in 2011.

First Post, So I hope it is a Good One.


1. Peja and Posey’s Contract will Be gone.

This will give us a chance to grab a big name and a not so big name, while relatively loosing nothing.

2. Thornton’s Emergence.

We have the top PG. We have a good PF in David West. I still have faith in Emeka due to it was his first (and turbulent ) year in a new system.  If Buckets does his thing next year. We will have a a cheap and very potent starting line up. Melo will notice this.

3. The Decline of the Southwest Division.

Mavs and Spurs are getting up there in age. Perfect time for a streak of Division titles and automatic playoff bids.

4. The Wrath of Paul

“Rondo is the Best PG.”, “Deron Williams is the Best PG”….. Paul will be on fire next season.

5. The eventual trade of Darren Collinson.

This trade will give us a decent back-up Pg and a maybe a back-up SG(hoping that Buckets starts. A second unit With Q-pon and Brackins, and Gray would be ok.



I think a few other scenarios might come into play, but otherwise….this is very feasible. What do you guys think?

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