The Hornets Will Surprise In The WEST

Published: July 5, 2010

 Anyone else tired of the ESPN rumors about cp3 or tired of hearing him talk about winning now, well i believe were  not that far away. We have 2 all-stars in DW and cp3 and  DC and MT5 who will help in their second year.  Another  thing is if Chris Paul realized that he is one of those rare players that instantly makes a team better even though we  have a sh!tty roster with those 2 we can be a 50 win team. Like when we had that 07-08 season the team was not  great but i believe this team can be better. What we have lacked was guys who can get and create their own  offense, these 2 can instead of mo-pete,rasual,peja, and others relying on cp to get them shots. Now why do i  predict 50 wins duh we have a better team we had 49 wins 2 years ago with garbage wings and crappy shooting guards and now  we have a future Joe Johnson like superstar in mt5 and an almost Chris Paul off the bench so basically when cp  hits the pine its like he never left. Now we have 2 first rounders Craig brackens and Quincy Poindexter, if we can get a  combined 15ppg out of them we will be better.

Chris Paul should just wait and see how it goes, i don’t know if this  is a good comparison or not but i’ll use it, remember when the saints had no talent at corner and running back  they did not go looking to sign people like we should have we just went with what we had and came out with the 7th best running game and a good enough defense to help brees. You heard from me first those rooks in their second years will be good but Marcus Thornton will have a breakout season he averaged around 20 after the all-star break.

Now if the hornets really want to show Chris Paul that their committed to winning here’s something that might and really can work . its a 6-8 high scoring small forward and his names not Lebron, he is from the N.O.  and Jeff Bower needs to get him home.


How about this trade Danny Granger for Emaka Okefor, 2 first rounders and a second rounder, now it probably wont work that way because they need a pg so they would want collison but if we could get that way you have to pull the trigger on that trade. Now why do i think it will work well they stole paul goerge from us and he draws granger comparisons so why would you want the same type of player, it could end up like the cp3/dc trade argument. If we can squeeze danny out of Indiana we could be a top 4 team in the west but back to my trade it would have to be a stupid Rickey Williams type deal we would probably have to give two 1st rounders because we don’t have fair value on our roster and they might think they will get high draft picks due to our 09-010 record.

take a look at what the roster could look like

PG: Chris Paul 22.8 ppg 11.ast 2.8spg when last healthy

SG:Marcus Thornton 14.5 ppg (as a second round rook i see him around 18ppg this year and i might catch heat for this but i seriously think he is every bit as good as tyreke evans dude had over 20 ppg after the all-star break).

SF:Danny Granger 24.1ppg (on of the most underrated players in the league and with him we are an automatic top 5 seed)

PF:David West 19.0ppg (with cp3 healthy you can add 2 to that and he’ll be back to 21.0

C:this is the only problem by filling a need you create another we would need a defensesive big man but here are some candidates Brad Miller from Chicago or Martian Gortat

Now with that lineup i can really see a 55 win team and the granger trade can happen and also the hornets don’t need expiring contracts we got peja (15 mil) and songila (4.8 mil) and also granger is a hometown kid so we might keep him for the longhual  or if not 2011, uuumm  MELO anybody. And for outsiders who think were just gonna trade Chis Paul for a bag of doritos get on and we don’t care about collison, i would not care if he averaged 30 and 20 he is not Chris Paul if your team wants a good point guard look to him and the trailblazer and magic trade offers are just retarded as fu(k why would we want Jammer nelson, losing cp3 is like Cleavland losing Lebron if a team wants him they better offer there best  player and a starting caliber guy and a 1st rounder.



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