Analyzing the Draft Day Trade

Pattrick Patterson was set to be the pick at 11 after we initially turned down OKC’s first offer of 18 and 21. But after Utah selected they called back and proposed 21, 26, AND that they would take back Mo Pete.  For the Hornets, this was a no brainer.


First of all, Hornets officials will admit that Brackins was just as impressive at their workout as Patterson was, if not more so. He was by far the most advanced offensive prospect they worked out in this entire process. He ranked behind Patterson because of poor shot selection in college and because frankly Patterson never turned the ball over- which is something the brass is fond of. But there are some who thought that Brackins was just as good as Patterson, he was just stuck on a horrible team. In fact, if both would have come out last year, Brackins would have gone higher.


So because they knew they could likely get Brackins at 21, all they had to do was weigh what was more valuable- the difference between Patterson and Brackins or #26 and 13 million dollars. Yeah that’s right- I said 13 million dollars which is what Mo Pete was scheduled to cost the Hornets between his salary and his tax cost to the team.


What you really have here is a 3 for 1 or possibly a 4 for 1 trade. In moving Mo Pete we are now looking to use part of our MLE or even possibly one or more of our exemptions. We would then trade a guy like Songalia and a future pick to a team to get back under the tax, much like we did last year. We can use the MLE and sign Mahimi and Roger Mason to smaller deals. Then the trade becomes Patterson for Brackins, Pondexter, Mason, and Mahimi. No brainer, right?


Not saying it will be those exact guys but we are FAR more flexible after this trade and expect us to use part of our MLE or a trade exemption or two- something we would not have done if Mo was still here. Once we see the exact domino pieces that fall we can really analyze this trade because its ramifications haven’t fully been felt yet. So when we sign a Mahimi or a Raja Bell or use a trade exemption on a Courtney Lee or an Azuibuke, remember that only happened because this trade happened. Therefore it is really Pondexter, Brackins, and X (and possibly Y) for Pattrick Patterson. Great start- now let’s find someone to take Posey!


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