My Hornets Dream Team…..

Published: June 21, 2010

Offseason moves:
Hornets drafted Xavier Henry with the 11th pick
Hornets acquired Rudy Gay from a sign&trade
Hornets receive:Rudy Gay(4yr, 50m)+Hasheem Thabeet+2010 second round pick
Grizzlies receive:Darren Collison+James Posey+Morris Peterson+future 1st round pick(top 10 protected)
Hornets signed Bobby Brown with biannuel contract
Hornets re-signed Aaron Gray
Hornets re-signed Ike Diogu

PG:Chris Paul        Backup:Marcus Thornton/Bobby Brown
SG:Xavier Henry    Backup:Marcus Thornton/Peja Stojakovic
SF:Rudy Gay         Backup:Julian Wright/Peja Stojakovic
PF:David West       Backup:Julian Wright/Emeka Okafor/Ike Diogu
 C:Emeka Okafor    Backup:Hasheem Thabeet

Chris Paul-37minutes at PG
Marcus Thornton-sixth man/11minutes at PG/20minutes at SG
Xavier Henry-22minutes at SG   
Rudy Gay-35minutes at SF
Julian Wright-10minutes at SF/10minutes at PF
Peja Stojakovic-6minutes at SG/3minutes at SF
David West-36minutes at PF
Emeka Okafor-31minutes at C/few minutes at PF
Hasheem Thabeet-17minutes at C
Bench Warmer-Bobby Brown/Ike Diogu/Darius Songaila/Aaron Gray

Peja Stojakovic-$15,336,000
Chris Paul-$14,940,152
Emeka Okafor-$11,540,375
Rudy Gay-$11,000,000
David West-$8,287,500
Darius Songilia -$4,818,000
Hasheem Thabeet-$4,765,000
Xavier Henry-$2,060,040
Julian Wright-$2,858,056
Aaron Gray-$1,000,000
Bobby Brown-$1,000,000
Marcus Thornton-$762,195
Ike Diogu-$900,000


When near the trading deadline, the Hornets could send Peja Stojakovic’s expiring contract to a team that is below the cap, and the Hornets can avoid paying the luxury tax.
Peja Stojakovic+cash for conditional 2nd round pick



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