Are the 4 “Front Runners” for the draft our best options?

Hey guys this is my first journal posting so I’m not sure how accurate my information is but I’m basically doing this to spark discussion and hear other people opinions.  I’ve been a hornets fan for over three years now and the same as all hornets fans i LOVE Chris Paul.  He grew up right here in Winston-Salem NC with me and he’s a consummate professional.  So now to get to what I’m thinking…


As most of us fans agree one of the MAJOR keys to the hornets having a successful season next year is drafting immediate help.  So far from what I’ve read there are four front runners in Henry, George, Aldriche, and Patterson.  From all of the mock drafts ive looked and’s consensus draft it looks like only one player out of those four is even in the top 11.  I kno that Bower did an awesome job last year in drafting (DC-21, Buckets-43), but we hav a fairly high pick here at 11.  there are a lot of players with a large amount of skill who’ve dropped in draft stock and we could pick up at 11.

Who should we draft and why?

If a certain player drops to 11 that we never would hav dreamed of getting should we get them or stick with the top four?


Heres what i think:

It looks as if Aminu’s stock has dropped

dramatically since early mock drafts.  he was originally put in a stacked top five but now it looks like he’s has dropped all the way to early teens. As far as I’m concerned Aminu would be a HUGE pickup for NO.  he stands at 6’9 and can jump like u’ve never seen.  He has tons of athleticism and can block shot and rebound.  he isnt scrauny like a lot of the other draftees who’ve been talked about and he can shoot the longball occasionally.  He has all of the unteachable traits in length, size, build, IQ, and athleticism and can be taught most of the other things like shooting and high level defense.  He has the ball handling skills to play SF and also the athleticism/quickness to defend other SF.  he also has the size and strength to step up and play PF in a smaller lineup.  

Aminu seems to have all the immediate traits the hornets need in rebounding and defensive presence and can be taught the other things.  He also excels in fastbreak which is what were supposed to be playing next year with Monty and Aminu could run the floor alongside CP3 and take numerous lobs and get numerous easy buckets.  

So what do u guys think?  If the hornets only consider 4 draftees and there’s better talent available, shouldnt they take it?

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