The Hornets X-Factor, or should I say sympathy factor.

Published: May 29, 2010

The Hornets may just be one great player from making history and this team needs someone special. Someone that is huge in the clutch. Someone named, Reggie Miller. When I look through NBA history I think Reggie Miller would be the best fit for this team out of any player I have knowledge of. So why is Reggie Miller the best option out there when there were better players in NBA history? He fits with the gameplan.

One major complaint of last year’s Hornets was the struggles from 3 Point. Reggie answers that need the moment he steps on the floor as he has made more three point shots than any other player in NBA history. Miller can fire and light up the scoreboard. Longtime Hornets fans will remember that well as his top performance came against the old Charlotte Hornets when he torched them for 57 points. Reggie, as I said is also a great player in the clutch. Suddenly this team has two players who are known for hitting big shots (you could maybe even include West as a 3rd with some of his big shots). Think of when he scored 8 points in a span of 8.9 seconds. When he scored 25 points in the fourth quarter of an Eastern Conference Finals Game. Miller gets it done and fills our major need.

Imagine what this would also do for Marcus Thorton. The Hornets could now keep him on the bench and he’d have the best mentor possible. Reggie is a class act and would work with Marcus to make him that much better. The way Thorton played as a rookie I immediately think Reggie Miller. He scores in bunches like Reggie and would improve having the best long range shooter in the history of the NBA. So not only does Reggie help us win now. He helps the future of the Hornets by taking Thorton under his wing and developing him into the next star.

Unlike many of the legends or current guys to pull in Miller will be more than willing to be the second guy on this team behind Chris Paul. Where guys like MJ, Bird, Magic will expect to be the star Miller will allow Chris Paul to be the star of the team which is for the best. Don’t believe me? What did Reggie do when Jermaine O’Neal was becoming a star? He let O’Neal become the man while still lighting up the score card. Reggie is also missing a ring. Some may view that as a negative but I think it’s a good thing. He will work his tail off and give it all for a chance to be a champion.

So, how can you turn down Reggie Miller? He’s the best 3 Point Shooter of all time. He’s willing to be Option B and let Chris Paul be the man. He develops Marcus Thorton into a star. Reggie Miller to the Hornets is the best move.


There’s one man that’s better than anyone else in the world for this team. If the Hornets want a title, call this man currently residing in Arlen, Texas. William Fontaine De la Tour D’Haute Rive, better known as simply Bill Dauterive. This choice is a no doubter as he would bring the element of a star and a player the fans will fall in love with? Why will the fans love Bill? He’s a Louisiana native and speaks fluent Cajun French. I know how you New Orleans natives love your hometown ballers and that’s what Dauterive offers.

Dauterive will enter the organization and wear the number 50. Bill, also known as the Billdozer will hone a new nickname. BDFiddy. Dauterive is also very tough and battles through a lot. Bill is tied for the all-time touchdown record at Arlen High School. He actually returned to the field to break the record after It was handed to Ricky Suggs in a controversy. The Billdozer has that tough football background and will use that ability to offer a great physical presence on the floor. The city will fall in love with his tenacity and heart and want nothing but his success to help his noticeably low self-esteem. Now, you’re saying his self-esteem issues will hold the team back? You could not be any more incorrect. You see. CP3 along with BDFiddy will revolutionize the game of basketball forever.

The pick and roll is a vital part of the NBA. We Hornet fans know all about the pick and roll as Paul and Chandler made it look so easy. And this season, our interior defense made it easy for every other team in the NBA. Well, I got something better. The Pick and Pity. Here’s how it works. Chris Paul brings the ball up the floor and sets the offense with the floor spread. The Billdozer comes up top with his large frame and attempts to set a pick. Unfortunately, he is way off and as Paul goes to wrap around the pick, contact is never even made between Dauterive and the man guarding Paul. BDFiddy falls to the ground and begins to cry like the depressed man he is. Since he really messed up, the situation is very legit and serious. At this point, both the man guarding Dauterive and the man guarding Paul feel pity (hence Pick and Pity) for Bill and go to comfort him.

At this point Paul breaks to the bucket where he lays in for an easy two. At the point Paul gets open one big cuts slightly towards the basket and two shooters spot up on the wings. If a player goes to get Paul on the helpside, CP3 either dishes for a dunk or outside for a wide open three. The Hornets will now have a 4 on 3 advantage on basically every possession as we coast to our first NBA Championship. Bill Dauterive is the only thing standing between us and a Dynasty!


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