Building a Title Team (Contest)

It’s contest time here at Hornets247.

Recently we’ve been talking blockbuster trades because, well, the Hornets aren’t in the playoffs and it’s fun to play casual fan for a while. Are those trades going to happen? Probably not, but even the remotest chance gives us the liberty to discuss them occasionally. Right now though, it’s time to get back to serious business around here.

We have been informed that new owner Gary Chouest has developed a time machine/magic device. Now that he runs might be in some way involved in the organization’s decision making, he’s going to let them use it for one time and one time only in order to get Paul the best possible sidekick. One player might be the key the Hornets taking the next step in becoming a legitimate title team.

That’s where you come in. Given the possibility of anyone from any time period, who/what would you bring in to be his sidekick and why?

This one is actually going to be split up into two different contests in itself. One for hilarious journal entry and one for best overall.

The Prizes

If you write the best serious entry, you will receive both a Chris Paul Hornets/Bucs bobble head (with two CP3’s bobbing their heads on it!), and a copy of Dave Berri and Martin Schmidt’s book, Stumbling on Wins.

The funniest entry will receive a bobble head that is supposedly David West, a vintage deflated mini Hornets basketball with Tyson Chandler on it (see pic) and the greatest prize known to man.

Drumroll please…

An authentic autographed photo of Julian Wright.

In case you were unsure, he’s the one who signed it.

The Rules

  1. Two entries per person, one in each category. Both entries should be in the same journal for the sake of convenience.
  2. The serious entry must/should be former or current basketball player. Otherwise it isn’t very serious, now is it?
  3. The humorous entry can be be anything. If you want to write about how Andre the Giant would have scared opponents off the court and owned on the pick and roll, then go for it. Think that The Brave Little Toaster could convince the hoop to help out CP3? Me too.
  4. Entries must be under 500 words. If not, we will penalize you using an obscure system in which the starting letter of your handle plays a key roll in determining how many points are docked.
  5. The deadline to submit entries is Saturday May 29th at 11:59 PM Central Time.
  6. Ryan and I will be the sole judges. If we simply can’t agree, then rule 7 will apply.
  7. We reserve the right to add in additional rules at any point for any reason. That’s just how we roll.

Oh, and if you can please try to post the link to your entry on the comment section of this post. If you can’t do it, no biggie. I’ll try, and either way people can still easily view it in the Journal section.


Random note- Props to Topherprince, who wrote a journal about Tom Thibodeau on the fourth of May. If he winds up being coach, then color me impressed. The team could have tens of thousands of dollars in interview related costs by just asking his opinion first.

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