A Sidekick for Chris Paul

Published: May 22, 2010

Going back throughout the annals of NBA history it seemed a daunting task to discover who could best align with CP3. It proved much easier to take my current knowledge of survivor results and apply it to a profound Ryan Schwan post of three months ago that will surely go down in basketball history as ushering in a new era. Yet at first, I could not find a true winner to support Paul. While it seemed that both Steve Nash and Parvati could go the distance, it was sadly, not to be (I hope this statement proves false and the suns prevail). Where Lebron’s team had homecourt advantage through the finals and Russell looked mighty throughout and seemed deserving of accolades, neither had the supporting cast to vote for/assist them to a championship. Colby and Dwight may be the two last heroes standing, but it appears their time has come. Where was I to look for our needed sidekick?

Luckily for me, a winner did come out of Survivor. Her name was Sandra Diaz-Twine. Maybe she didn’t deserve it, maybe others played far better, but she is championship caliber and her loyalty would do any point guard proud. Yes, I am advocating that Bruce Bowen return to the NBA, bring back his dirty play and help New Orleans, and Chris Paul to a championship. If we can go back in time – to Bowen’s prime – even better.

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