Chris Bosh To New Orleans Looks Unlikely

We’ve had lots of talk here lately regarding a potential sign and trade for Chris Bosh. Although we have openly accepted that the possibility was slim at best, it was still something that kept Hornets Nation interested until Ryan came up with his latest gem.

Unfortunately Chad Ford has learned that Chris Bosh’s agent gave the Toronto Raptors a list of five teams that he’s interested in playing for in the likely event that they will try to cut their losses by utilizing a sign and trade to replace Bosh on the roster.

“The list of five teams — Toronto plus the Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat and New York Knicks, sources said — were given to Toronto management in case the Raptors want to construct a sign-and-trade deal (assuming he doesn’t re-sign with Toronto).

Bosh likes that option, sources told Ford, because he’d get one more year on his contract and could make more money.”

The idea of a sign and trade and Bosh wanting more money were discussed a while back, and it looks as though even though New Orleans has everything Bosh could want, it’s not his preferred destination.

Fortunately David West is still one of the better power forwards in the league, and is obviously capable of shouldering the load at power forward. Regardless, it’s disappointing to hear that the pipe dream we all wished for will not become reality.

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