A Quick bit of Trade Speculation

It’s still the time of year where hope springs eternal.  The draft isn’t done.  Free Agency looms with great promise.  Teams stuck on the playoff bubble are deciding whether to blow it up and start over – or to give it one more year.  Enter the Philadelphia 76ers:

Chad Ford is reporting over at ESPN.com that the Sixers are shopping the 2nd pick of the draft.  The cost?  Elton Brand.  They clearly want to clear their books of some of their more crippling contracts.

Now, though we will have a little more discussion about trade ideas like this up on the site in the next couple days – I wanted to get your take on this.  Would you take on Elton Brand’s massive salary over the next 3 years to get Evan Turner?  Honestly, I like him enough to consider it.  And they also have Igoudala, whom many of us have been eyeing as well.

So here’s the question:  would you take on Brand’s 51 mil over three years to get your hands on Igoudala and Turner/Favors/Cousins?   For what?

West(Expiring) + Posey(2 years) + Stojakovic(Expiring) trade for Igoudala + Brand + the 2nd pick?  (The salary cap implications hurt)

Maybe Okafor(4 years, but more palatable than Brand) + Peterson(Expiring) + Stojakovic(Expiring) + the 11th pick for the same? Is a lineup of Brand-West-Turner-Igoudala-Paul with Thornton and Collison off the bench enough?  What if the Hornets then move Collison for more help in the frontcourt?

Give us your thoughts.

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