Chris Paul’s Effect on Three Point Shooters

For a while now I’ve stated Chris Paul has a positive effect on his three point shooters. Today we will find out how much water that claim holds by taking a look at the three point shooters that have surrounded him, and their success before, and if they’ve been dealt, after.

This chart shows the three point percentages of the Hornets top deep ball threats for the 06-07, 07-08, and 08-09 seasons. During that time, Paul played 71% of total minutes. I’ll be comparing their percentages to how they fared when Paul is completely out of the picture.

I’ve excluded 2005-2006 and 2009-2010 from both sets of stats when applicable. Paul was injured for a good chunk of time [edit-during this past year and was just adjusting to the league his rookie year so I didn’t] include them in either set of numbers.

Player 3pt% With Paul/Hornets 06-09 3pt% on other teams Difference
Peja 41.3 39.8 +1.5
Mo-P 39.2 37.1 +2.1
Pargo 37.0 32.8 +4.2
Butler 37.2 34.9 +2.3
Posey 36.9 36.4 +.5
D.Brown* 34.6 32.9 +1.7


*includes 2009-2010 since nearly all of time he was playing with the Bees, Paul was too. 

There are a few other guys like Mike James, Bobby Jackson and Bobby Brown who I excluded since they were primarily playing without Paul being in the game, and aren’t really known as being three point threats anyway. I didn’t look at any of their stats and I doubt any correlation would be found. Even if there was, I imagine it would be more coincidental than cause and effect.

Anyway, It’s pretty clear upon further inspection that Chris Paul and the Hornets have a positive impact on a players ability to make three point shots. Every single guy I looked at had his percentages jump up when they were with Paul. Couple that with the subjective method of determining things (I thought this would be the case) and it leaves very little doubt that Chris Paul played a big part in the improved shooting of these guys.  Just another reason why Chris Paul is the best PG in the league



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