30 August 1993

Published: February 17, 2010

Second grade was so rad today. Mom finally let me wear my new Larry Johnson shoes even though I got them a month ago. I got to wear my new No Fear shirt too and everyone said it was cool.

Larry Johnson is my favorite player so it was so cool that I got his shoes. They match the poster I have on my wall where he’s dressed like an old lady who lives in a sneaker. The poster has a rhyme that says, Mr. Two-Shoes got some new shoes, and then I can’t remember the rest. I also hung up the letter that I got back from Larry Johnson when I told him how awesome he is when I sent a letter to the address he put in my Sports Illustrated for Kids. I said, PS you’re my favorite player, because Andy said that will make him want to give me a real autograph like he got from Scottie Pippen. He said he’s really glad he has fans like me. 


2 October 1993

Nick got some new shoes today and they’re the Alonzo Mourning shoes. They look cool. And then I was captain for basketball at recess and I picked him because we could be Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning on the Hornets. We played Andy and Kyle and beat them even though I had to guard Andy even though he’s way taller than me. It was like in NBA Jam for Sega and we won the game even though I never beat Andy at basketball. I called us Mr. Two Shoes because we’re just like Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning because of our shoes. Nick said he would be on my team tomorrow. We’re gonna win again no matter what. 

7 June 2019

Long time since entry last. Wanted revisit journal, though, because ran into Nick today and something surreal happened. First time seen him since 2nd grade. Surprisingly wore throwback Zo Forces…strange because I keep kicking around Converse Grandmamas. Talked about how unstoppable our playground team was, headed over to the pickup courts to investigate whether we, or shoe-team, were indomitable. Tandem still potent: demolished all comers (remarkable since Nick and I both 300 pounds and diabetic now, suggesting drew power from ghostly synergy of Grandmama and Zo). Took people on until eventually conquered world (and I don’t know a thing about politics. Oops!). Vicious swatted Reagan’s Star Wars, ZO-style. Cabinet reporting Sir Charles and Godzilla, Jordan and Marvin Martian coming by White House for two on two tournament. Prize: world domination.

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