The Strangest Season on Earth

Published: February 16, 2010

I have been a fan of the game for 18 years. I have been a fan of the hornets for ten. I though I had seen it all in terms of a basketball fan’s emotion, but this season is, by far, the most confusing and strange. Now, the all star break is over and I find myself incredibly optimistic about the rest of the season; more so than I felt going into the playoff stretch last year. Here are some of the reasons why.

The firing of Byron Scott was the talk of the first week of the season. We were all sold and bluffed on the emergence of Julian Wright. We stopped praying and started cursing when we saw what Mo Pete had left in the tank. Why haven’t the rookies seen any minutes? Are they really that bad? Can James Posey really be that slow? No team in the league can come close to comparing to the turmoil the Hornets faced that early in the season. All of a sudden, the optimism for our team that the fans had coming into the season was gone. The fair weather fans were gone and even the true fans couldn’t help but wonder why our year was destroyed.

Since then, we have gone through what feels like dozens of lineup changes, a new coach, and the injury to our franchise player. Despite all of this, we are over .500, in the playoff hunt, and have witnessed the emergence of 2 promising young guards. Oh, and we got under the salary cap without losing a single rotational player. I ask myself how, during the most horrific first half we all could have imagined, the team could still be succeeding?

However it is happening, the Hornets have some push in them. I was one of the few to defend him throughout the turmoil and I think its time we all take a minute and silently thank Jeff Bower for holding this team together and keeping us in contention.

Go Hornets

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