I’m a Grown Man and I Sent CP3 a Get Well Card

Published: February 16, 2010

Because I am uncreative, unthoughtful, and not very organized I found myself is Hallmark on February 13th at about 4 P.M. searching for a card that told my fiancée everything I had not said to her over the past 364 days. I was joined by about thirty other men with the same idea, as we scoured the shelf full of empty spots that used to be filled with cards that were scooped up by men who planned ahead.


I finally settled on a card with a single pink rose and a message straight out of a Lifetime movie before heading over to the stand where a few boxes of mass produced chocolate remained. On the way over, however, I passed the Get Well section and stopped dead in my tracks.


I spent the next fifteen minutes searching for the perfect card for CP3- something that would lift his spirits and let him know we were all still behind him. I finally saw it, it was a green card that had “From All of Us” written in cursive at the top. Right below it was a bowl of soup with alphabet letters carefully placed inside. The messages read: Hope You Feel Better!, Take Care!, and Heal Quickly! And on the inside it read- Just a little “get well” soup cooked up by our caring group!


I signed it, From All of Us in Hornets Nation. Then I sent it out the day after Valentine’s Day.


To be clear, I have never done anything like this before; it never even crossed my mind. But CP3 is different- he is a role model on and off the court who gives us as Hornet fans something to point to and be proud of regardless of wins and losses. As a sports fan and a Hornets fan for over twenty years I can honestly say I have never felt this way about another player. He embodies all that is right in sports, and I appreciate that.


I told my fiancee about what I did and after laughing at me for over five minutes, she quickly got a little jealous- as she concluded that I spent as much effort on him as I did on her.


“But I got you chocolate too,” I said.


CP3 just got a card, no chocolate. Not yet, at least. Maybe after he brings us home a title.

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