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Good Morning( or Evening)!

I am Nico from the Philippines, and I am an avid fan. I have been posting a lot of fan posts before @ www.atthehive.com and just recently started posting journals here @www.hornets247.com.

Believe it or not, I became a fan of the New Orleans Hornets(then Charlotte) because of Baron Davis. I play the PG position when I play 5 on 5 and I tried patterning my game with Baron’s. Sadly, I couldn’t because I didn’t dominate my peers physically. But I still supported the Bees. Before, I supported a team because of a player. I supported the Bees because of Baron and JR first before CP3 totally stuck me with this team. (I also supported LBJ, but I dislike him now because of his Madonna ways). Then my brother told me one time, that it’s better to choose the city than a player because players come and go, but the city doesn’t.( He absolutely loves Portland, dunno why). At that time, I didn’t know anything about US places, so I couldn’t decide. I was down to New York, LA, New Orleans and Miami. I finally chose New Orleans because I saw my country in NOLA especially during Hurricane Katrina. NOLA has a great menu of food, generally happy and caring people (especially evident during the disaster), and starving for basketball. That’s why, I prepared a special PDF/Image (inspired by Norsktroll from blazersedge.com). I’ve always wanted to do these kinds of things for our team. Enjoy! Hope you like my simple gift to the community ( even though I am thousands of miles away).

  1. PDF link – (expires on March 16).
  2. Google Map link!
  3. Or if you want a copy of the image just click here

So there, you have 3 options. If I have the time, maybe I can clean it up a bit, and start from the very start(expansion years). Possibly, I can include the management movement(coach firings, assistant coaches, etc). That is all!!! Good Night!(or Morning!)

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